7 Magic Energy Experiments with claims to help you reach your highest level of manifestation in just 21-days of doing this 10 min trick every day.

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This trick and everything will be revealed to you later, but first, let me introduce the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program by Jackie Jones.

This program is based on the 7 Hermetic Principles and on Jakie Jones’s research for over 1.5 years on kabbalah, Gnostics, alchemy, and many more underground principles like these.

This comprehensive 7 Magic Energy Experiments review is unbiased and is based on my personal experiences after trying the program for 21-days straight.

1.Product Name7 Magic Energy Experiments
2.Official Websitehttps://www.7magicexperiments.com/
3.CreatorJackie Jones
4.Price$470 $47 (90% OFF Limited Time)
5.Avg. User Ratings4.8 star out of 5 star
6.Recommended UseUse it for 21-days step-by-step as guided in the program.

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This program may not work for everyone who uses it and if you are one of them who is willing to use it along your manifestation journey make sure you use it with dedication and stick to the process for at least 42-days.

Read the whole review and I will reveal the results that I got on the 11th day of using it.

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My 7 Magic Energy Experiments Review after 21-days

I tried the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program for 21-days

So here are my results

Manifested a plan to execute my dream: I had a dream when I started Reviewdunk in 2019 to make it the best review website that people can trust, and lately, because of Sponsored and Paid reviews, we have been facing many drops in our search rankings.

So I decided to start with the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program with a goal in my mind to find an exact plan to make my dream come true.

It may sound cliche, but I manifested a plan on my 11th day of using this program in the form of an email I received from one of our partners. We arranged a meeting right after that, and now I have a plan to execute.

Making the plan succeed is up to me, but getting the divine guidance to create the whole strategy for the year 2022 and beyond was because I progressively used 7 Magic Energy Experiments.

For obvious reasons, I will not share my plan with you guys as my competitors will also read this.

But if you want to know my plan and want to discuss it, you can always get in touch with me here.

Now, as that is out of the way, I want you to know this, if there is nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain if successful, by all means, try, this program is available with a 60-days no questions asked money-back guarantee, which means your purchase is 100% risk-free and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As now you know about my experiences with the program I will expand and will reveal so much more about this program.

What is Jackie Jones’s 7 Magic Energy Experiments?

The core program is about 7 Magic Energy Experiments and audio, based on the 7 Hermetic Principles. You are required to use each of these experiments given in the program for 3-days.

All 7 experiments have 3-audio tracks which you are required to listen to and apply in your life for 21-days step-by-step.

You can complete the whole 21-audio tracks in 21-days, and if you fail in any step, you are required to start all over again, as this is how it works.

Each audio track is linked to the previous one, so it is required that you follow each step just the way they are. Do NOT move to the next step until you are confident that you have mastered the previous step.

This is because you cannot manifest a mansion if you cannot even manifest a parking slot.

By the way, if you don’t want to go after 7 Magic Energy Experiments now how about trying their FREE book and audio provided just for you click here to get 7 Magic Flow State Experiments

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Do seven magic energy experiments work?

Here are the 7-steps that you are required to follow step-by-step for this program to work for you:

Experiment 1: The Law of Light

This experiment will prove just how important it is to watch every thought that crosses your mind. And in Level 1, you’ll learn how to manifest synchronicities in your life…Based on positive or negative thoughts that you allow to enter your mind.

At first glance, these synchronicities might just seem like coincidences…But you’ll learn how to quickly and easily identify a clear sign from the Universe…And how you can stay connected to this guiding light of intuition.

What changes can you notice in Experiment 1?
  • During this level, you might bump into someone you’ve been thinking about…
  • Maybe you’ll get the last free parking spot in a busy area…
  • Or a friend you haven’t heard from in years might reach out to help you with something you were ready to give up on.

Experiment 2: The Law of Release

Here, you’re plunged into the Universe… Realizing, maybe for the first time in your life…Just how connected you are with the Divine. In Level 1, you’ll manifest a sign or a clear message from the Universe… That will help you navigate through a specific problem you’re facing.

By Level 2, you’ll manifest a sign that will take you directly to your life-long goal…

What changes can you notice in Experiment 2?
  • Maybe it’s owning a new home…
  • Driving a luxury car…
  • Or even being with the person that, right now, you might feel too afraid to admit feelings for.

Experiment 3: The Law of Growth

Now that you have sifted through parts of yourself, you might not have thought possible…You will enter into this next stage of growth. This experiment is all about clearing past karma that keeps you stuck…And allowing breakthroughs in relationships to manifest. 

So by the end, you’ll have forgiven whatever and whoever it was that you needed to in the past…

What changes can you notice in Experiment 3?
  • Choosing a new hobby, they always wanted to start but didn’t know-how
  • Taking the first step to begin the business of their dreams

Experiment 4: The Law of Integration

At this stage, you’ll be empowered to shift a recurring situation in your life that often feels uncomfortable…And learn how to transform that energy into a positive one.

Level 1 will go easy on you, but in Level 2, things will get dialed up a lot more. By this point, you’ll be ready to release ANY negative feelings you have around people, places, and memories…

What changes can you notice in Experiment 4?
  • Release of any negative feelings you have around people
  • Shift the energy so that eventually, NOTHING feels too scary or unattainable for you to pursue!

Experiment 5: The Law of Strength

This experiment is where you put the NEW integrated you to the test. The idea here is to take you through the unknown… To a place where you might not know what the end result will be

But…your unshakable faith in the Universe will provide you with the strength to see it through. 

In this experiment, you’ll learn the magic surrounding the Ancient mantra“What’s meant for you won’t pass you by.”

What changes can you notice in Experiment 5?
  • Knowing what career is right for you…
  • What relationship will make you happy…
  • Or what hobbies bring you fulfillment…

Experiment 6: The Law of Spirit

To prepare for the final stage of your transformation… You’ll first need to master both feminine and masculine energies. Many people go through life rejecting their feminine side if they’re a male… And pushing away the masculine if they’re a female.

Level 1 will work by aligning both energetic frequencies…by Level 2, you’ll move through life as a completely-balanced Spirit.

What changes can you notice in Experiment 6?
  • Embracing your feminine side, the musical visionary who creates and speaks your manifestations into existence…
  • And leaning into your masculine side, the driver of action, making your manifestations become a reality.

Experiment 7: The Law of Self-Actualization

In this final level, you’ll reach the meeting point between matter and spirit…The ultimate stage will shift and manipulate energy into becoming whatever you desire.  

The stage of pure magic and actualized Alchemy! Here, your spirit will become completely self-aware… Raising your vibration to a frequency that puts you into TOTAL alignment with the Universe…  

Within Level 2, the final experiment, you’ll reach the heights of manifesting something HUGE in your life.

What changes can you notice in Experiment 7?
  • Manifesting something HUGE in your life

While if you purchase the 7 Magic Energy Experiments on their launch offer, you will get 7 Magic Money Experiments for FREE plus 90% Off

7 Magic energy experiments program	 Members Area

All this comes at a 60-day money-back guarantee, and this literally puts you in the best position to buy the program.

As you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not give it a try?

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What Can I Get in 7 Magical Energy Experiments?

It is not just one experiment that you will get with this program it has a lot more in it. So as soon as you order the program from the official website you will get access to the 7 Magic Dream Life Experiments which in itself has more than 21 audio tracks and guides to help you manifest your dream life.

After you have completed the full 7 Magic Energy Experiments course in 21-days then you can move on to use other experiments inside the member’s area.

7 energy experiments program Members area
Each Experiment has 3 audio tracks that you are required to listen to each day in a 21-days span step-by-step

There is a lot more to this program beyond these audios if you order it today you can even get the 7 Magic Money Experiments for FREE!

Here is how the member’s area of the 7 Magic Money Experiments looks like

7 Magic Money Experiments Guide

Read this guide before you start with the 7 Magic Money Experiments bonus program

 7 magic money experiments - Quick Start Guide

After reading this guide you can follow the 7 Magic Money Experiments audios provided

All audios of 7 magic money experiments
All audios of 7 Magic Money Experiments

You can follow these 7 Magic Money Experiments after you are done with the core 7 Magic Energy Experiments program.

Do NOT jump from one audio to another if you will you may have a hard time getting results.

I really like the member’s area as it is well designed and synchronized that you can follow everything step-by-step.

All I can say right now is there is nothing to lose and everything to gain with this program if you will order it today you will see they have over-delivered at every step of the way.

I have seen other programs providing only 3 audio tracks at the same price or even more while these are delivering 50+ effective tracks with the exact guide on how to follow it.

I know it can be overwhelming for some people that’s why it is recommended to start with 7 Magic Energy Experiments step-by-step and then move to the next experiment after completely concluding the current one.

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Where Can I Buy 7 Magic Energy Experiments?

The program is only available on its official website https://www.7magicexperiments.com/.

It is NOT available anywhere offline or online other than the website, and rest assured, if you are looking to purchase this program, the checkout is covered by Clickbank.

With all these bonuses, the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program is available at only $47 (which is 90% OFF the original price of $470) with a 60-days no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Give 7 Magic Energy Experiments a sincere try for the next 21-days. If you don’t get the results, get a refund. It’s as simple as that.

What are the Benefits of the 7 Magic Energy Experiment?

Here are some benefits you will see if you use this program

  1. Decrease in negativity
  2. Boost in self-confidence
  3. Improved self-image
  4. A connection with Divine
  5. Boost of imagination
  6. Decrease in anxiety
  7. Increase in manifestation abilities


  1. Easy to use
  2. Takes only 10mins/day
  3. Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  4. Can give results in 21-days or less
  5. Backed by Science


  1. NOT available anywhere online or offline other than the official website
  2. It may not work for those who will NOT use it as guided
  3. Everyone is different so everyone’s results will be different.

Conclusion & Real User Reviews

After trying the program myself, I can say that this program is perfect for action takers. It’s like a journey you can start, but you should not stop even if you get the best results.

The reason for that you can continue to be successful by using the audio as a habit. If you can’t even commit 21-days to your success, then you should stay away from this program.

If you are committed to your success and can show your stackability for just 21-days with the program, you can get results with it & in case you don’t, you can get your money back within 60-days!

This means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go ahead get it now!

7 Magic Experiments Customer Reviews:

So as you might have already read about my experiences with this program now let me also tell you about some of the other customers of this program.

Here is what Flora has to say about the program,

“After using the 7 Magic Energy Experiment program for 10-days I started noticing some of the incredible changes in my life. My relationship with my husband improved, saw my confidence boost in office presentations…this was just a beginning will update you after 21-days of trying it.”


Here is what Thomas told me

At first, I didn’t see any changes in my life… even after I have tried the program for 21-days. But as you said in your review you have nothing to lose and everything to gain… I decided to give it a last try… it has proven to be one of my greatest decision. Just by using this program daily and a belief in Jesus, I started getting some of the highest-paying clients in my freelancing business. So far made over $3000 with the help of this program.


These results are too overwhelming and hard to comprehend even for me so that’s why here is my final recommendation to you…

My Final Recommendation:

I will suggest you try this program yourself for the next 50-days and see if you get results and if you don’t get the results you need you can always ask for a complete refund here

As you have nothing to lose and everything to gain access to 7 Magic Energy Experiments today!

7 Magic Energy Experiments Review FAQs

Is the Seven Energy Experiments Program Legit?

Yes, 7 Magic Experiments is a legit program as it has worked for me and it can work for you too.

How much do 7 Energy experiments Cost?

The program costs only $47. It has over 50+ audio tracks to help you become your greatest version.

Should I buy the 7 Energy Experiments Program?

Yes, you should buy the program as it has worked for me, it can work for you too if you just dedicate yourself for 21-days.

Do you have any doubt about the program? Why don’t you try it yourself 100% Risk-FREE and available today for 90% OFF

Anyways that’s it for the 7 Magic Energy Experiments reviews, have any questions from me? Ask in the comments below.

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Are you satisfied with this 7 Magic Energy Experiments Review? Make sure to write your thoughts in the comments below.



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Get notified about the latest SCAMS and greatest manifestation programs & courses online before everybody else and also get...

1. FREE 5-step formula to find Unbiased product reviews
2. Our top 3 highly recommended manifestation programs to try.
3. Future product updates and SCAMMY products to avoid

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