7 Magic Energy Experiments Reviews

7 Magic Energy Experiments with claims to help you reach your highest level of manifestation by just 21-days of doing this 10 min trick everyday.

This trick and everything will be revealed to you later but first let me give you some introduction about the 7 Magic Energy Experiments program by Jackie Jones.

This program is based on the 7 Hermatic Principles and also on the research done by Jakie over a course of 1.5 years on kabbalah, Gnostics, alchemy and many more underground principles like these.

7 Magic Energy Experiments is based on 7 Hermetic Principles

Let’s start this review with

What is 7 Magic Energy Experiments?

The core program is about 7 Magic Energy Experiments and audio which are based on the 7 Hermatic Principles. You are required to use each of this guide and audio given in the program for 3-days each.

You can complete the whole 7 audio tracks in 21-days and if you fail in any on the step you are required to start all over again as this is how it works.

Each audio track is linked to the previous one so it is required that you follow each step just the way they are do not move to the next step until you are confident that you have mastered the previous step.

This is because you cannot manifest a mansion if you are not even able to manifest a parking slot.

Here is how the 7-steps of 7 Magic Energy Experiments looks like:

Here are the 7-steps that you are required to follow step-by-step for this program to work for you:

Experiment 1: The Law of Light

This experiment will prove just how important it is to watch every thought that crosses your mind. And in Level 1, you’ll learn how to manifest synchronicities in your life…Based on positive or negative thoughts that you allow to enter your mind.

At first glance, these synchronicities might just seem like coincidences…But you’ll learn how to quickly and easily identify what is a clear sign from the Universe…And how you can stay connected to this guiding light of intuition.

What changes you can notice in Experiment 1?
  • During this level, you might bump into someone you’ve been thinking about…
  • Maybe you’ll get the last free parking spot in a busy area…
  • Or a friend you haven’t heard from in years might reach out to help you with something you were ready to give up on.

Experiment 2: The Law of Release

Here, you’re plunged into the Universe… Realizing, maybe for the first time in your life…Just how connected you are with the Divine. In Level 1 you’ll manifest a sign or a clear message from the Universe… That will help you navigate through a specific problem you’re facing.

By Level 2, you’ll manifest a sign that will take you directly to your life-long goal…

What changes you can notice in Experiment 2?
  • Maybe it’s owning a new home…
  • Driving a luxury car…
  • Or even being with the person that, right now, you might feel too afraid to admit feelings for.

Experiment 3: The Law of Growth

Now that you have sifted through parts of yourself you might not have thought were possible…You will enter into this next stage of growth. This Experiment is all about clearing past karma that keeps you stuck…And allowing breakthroughs in relationships to manifest. 

So by the end, you’ll have forgiven whatever and whoever it was that you needed to in the past…

What changes you can notice in Experiment 3?
  • Choosing a new hobby they always wanted to start but didn’t know how
  • Taking the first step to begin the business of their dreams

Experiment 4: The Law of Integration

At this stage, you’ll be empowered to shift a recurring situation in your life that often feels uncomfortable…And learn how to transform that energy into a positive one.

Level 1 will go easy on you but in Level 2, things will get dialed up a lot more. By this point, you’ll be ready to release ANY negative feelings you have around people, places, memories…

What changes you can notice in Experiment 4?
  • Release of any negative feelings you have aroung people
  • Shift the energy so that eventually NOTHING feels too scary or unattainable for you to pursue!

Experiment 5: The Law of Strength

This Experiment is where you put the NEW integrated you to the test. The idea here is to take you through the unknown… To a place where you might not know what the end result will be

But…your unshakable faith in the Universe will provide you with the strength to see it through. 

In this experiment, you’ll learn the magic surrounding the Ancient mantra: “What’s meant for you won’t pass you by.”

What changes you can notice in Experiment 5?
  • Knowing what career is right for you…
  • What relationship will make you happy…
  • Or what hobbies bring you fulfillment…

Experiment 6: The Law of Spirit

To prepare for the final stage of your transformation… You’ll first need to master both feminine and masculine energies. A lot of people go through life rejecting their feminine side if they’re a male… And pushing away the masculine if they’re a female.

To prepare for the final stage of your transformation… You’ll first need to master both feminine and masculine energies. A lot of people go through life rejecting their feminine side if they’re a male… And pushing away the masculine if they’re a female.

Level 1 will work by aligning both energetic frequencies…by Level 2, you’ll move through life as a completely-balanced Spirit.

What changes you can notice in Experiment 6?
  • Embracing your feminine side, the flowing visionary who creates and speaks your manifestations into existence…
  • And leaning into your masculine side, the driver of action, making your manifestations become a reality.

Experiment 7: The Law of Self-Actualization

In this final level, you’ll reach the meeting point between matter and spirit…The ultimate stage that will shift and manipulate energy into becoming whatever you desire.  

The stage of pure Magic and actualized Alchemy! Here, your spirit will become completely self-aware… Raising your vibration to a frequency that puts you into TOTAL alignment with the Universe…  

Within Level 2, the final experiment, you’ll reach the heights of manifesting something HUGE in your life.

What changes you can notice in Experiment 7?
  • Manifesting something HUGE in your life

While if you purchase the 7 Magic Energy Experiments on their launch offer you will get 7-Magic Money Experiments for FREE.

And all this comes at a 60-days money back guarantee this literally puts you in a best position to buy the program.

As you have nothing to lose and everything to gain why not give it a try?

Buy 7 Magic Energy Experiments

The program is only available at its official website that is https://www.7magicexperiments.com/

It is NOT available anywhere offline or online other then the website and rest assured if you are looking to make a purchase of this program the checkout is covered by Clickbank.

As you are also getting a bonus 7 Magic Money Experiments as a pre-launch deal and on top of that this program is only available at $47 with 60-days money back guarantee its like a once in a lifetime deal for you.

Give 7 Magic Energy Experiments a sincere try for the next 21-days if you don’t get the results get a refund its as simple as that.

Benefits of 7 Magic Energy Experiments

Here are some benefits you will see if you use this program

  1. Decrease in negativity
  2. Boost in self-confidence
  3. Improved self-image
  4. A connection with divine
  5. Boost of imagination
  6. Decrease in anxiety
  7. Increase in manifestation abilities

Pros of 7 Magic Energy Experiments

  1. Easy to use
  2. Takes only 10mins/day
  3. Comes with 60-days money back guarantee
  4. Can give results in 21-days or less
  5. Backed by Science

Cons of 7 Magic Energy Experiments

  1. Not available anywhere online or offline other then the official website
  2. May not work for those who will NOT use it as guided

Conclusion & Real User Reviews

After trying the program myself I can say that this program is really good for those who are action takers its like a journey you can start but you should not stop if you get the best results.

The reason for that you can continue to be successful by using the audios as a habit. If you can’t even commit 21-days for your success then you should stay away from this program.

If you are committed for your success and can show your stickibility for just 21-days with the program you can get results with in case you don’t you can get your money back!

This means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Try 7 Magic Energy Experiments 100% Risk-FREE!

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