Who is Reviewdunk

Reviewdunk was founded in 2019, with an avid vision of helping people with the honest information they should know before making a manifestation program purchase online.

As of 2022, we’re a team of expert reviewers aka Review Patriots who help people find 100% honest and unbiased reviews about the latest and the greatest manifestation & law of attraction courses/programs.

After months we’re designers, writers, speakers, engineers, runners, chefs, authors, photographers, readers, travelers, gardeners, volunteers, and hard workers.

With such a diverse group of people, from so many backgrounds we are here to bring a new perspective to everything we do.

We have reviewed amazing products such as The Raikov Effect Course as well as many other wonderful programs like Numerologist.com

What Makes Us Different From Everyone?



We are big believers in, “Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying.” hence we try to deliver everything as honestly as possible.


At Reviewdunk you won’t find any made-up stuff, 100% of our reviews are transparent, unlike our competitors.


99% of our reviews are true user experiences based on testing and trying the manifestation program or course by our team members.

We are Strictly Against These

We are strictly against Sponsored, Paid, and Promoted Reviews, because if someone is paying money for a Review how can the information be Trustworthy and ingenious?

Reviewdunk is Strictly against such sponsored reviews

To know more about how you get manipulated with Sponsored and Paid reviews read our research here.

The 4-Step D.U.N.K. Process

Every review goes through The 4-step D.U.N.K. Process

1. Discover

Review Patriots discovers products in high demand (most of the time the products you suggest us through email), sometimes also review the products as soon as they launch so that we can be the first to reveal the Truth about the products.

2. Understand

Expert Review Patriots understand the product and outline every bit of detail about it, trying the program themselves for a period of time.

3. Nurture

Review Patriot summons everything to form a piece of art (review article & video) to nurture you guys.

4. Known

No art is good if it is not seen by someone who is interested in it that is why we make sure we are known to people just like you.

Our Mission

Our #1 Mission is to help you find the most authentic trustworthy manifestation & law of attraction program reviews on the entire planet.

Meet Our Team

Who We Are


He is the founder of Reviewdunk and its family companies, apart from looking after the management he also reviews products in manifestation and law of attraction categories.

Flora Team Reviewdunk


She is the Co-founder & HR Manager of Reviewdunk and looks after talent management. She also sometimes helps individuals with queries about the products and services reviewed by Team Reviewdunk.

Who We Are


A passionate Review Patriot who believes in providing unbiased fact-checked reviews based on the research she does on the internet, her expertise is in weight loss supplement reviews.

Who We Are

Dr. Yashvi

She has been working as a Review Patriot since 2021 As a physiotherapist, she understands the body’s physiology and biochemistry and hence delivers fact-checked unbiased weight loss supplement reviews.