Cellular Sound Tuning System Review by Medical Researcher*

Cellular Sound Tuning, although a newly launched manifestation program, claims to help you manifest love and abundance without meditations, vision boards visualizations, or affirmations… just by listening to this secret sound of the universe!

Is it true? Can you manifest just by listening to a specific sound? If yes then how does it work? Worry not that’s what I am going to reveal in this Cellular Sound Tuning Review!

In case you are looking for the official website of Cellular Sound Tuning click here.

Before I start revealing everything about this manifestation course let me just summarize this Cellular Sound Tuning Review in the table below,

Product nameCellular Sound Tuning
CreatorJane and Jace
Pricing$47 (Discounted price)
Customer Ratings⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 stars out of 5 stars
Benefits1. Increases focus
2. Decreases Anxiety
3. Improves Mood
4. Boosts one’s willpower.
5. Increase your confidence.
Is there a money-back guarantee?365-day money-back guarantee
Official websitehttps://go.cellularsoundtuning.com/

What is Cellular sound tuning?

Cellular sound tuning is a new product in the town which tells you how to receive wealth, health, love, and abundance. They claim that you can have the full experience of this product without meditations, vision boards, visualizations, or affirmations.

It is a sound healing system program that is backed by science, sound medicine, and energy healing research.

It is a 4-day program to make you feel happier and less stressed and maintain balance with your inner self.

Let me take you through more details about this cellular tuning program.

The Cellular sound tuning system is no less than a transformational 4-day healing retreat program that costs thousands of dollars yet gives you high-energy healing to your body and mind.

It has been distilled into four short audio tracks totaling 20 minutes. These recordings will retune your cells to the sound of the cosmos and return you to harmony, where manifestation happens without your conscious effort.

You’ll FEEL the sound vibrations jump out of the songs as soon as you hit play. and spread out across you in a stunning WAVE of healing.

You’ll feel heights of confidence you’ve only ever imagined.

You’ll be able to identify your “Life calling” and experience a sense of connection to your mission.

Try it yourself

Warnings on Cellular Sound Tuning System Review:

You might find some PAID, SPONSORED, or PROMOTED reviews of this program so be aware of such reviews.

You must also understand this manifestation program might not be effective for everyone who uses it, so if you’re one of the people who are an action taker and want to try it out as you go on your trip to heal your body and mind, make sure you utilize it with commitment and stick with the process for at least 60 days.

As it comes with a 365-day money back you have nothing to lose and everything to gain try the Cellular Sound Tuning program today!

Who created the Cellular sound Tuning Program?

The Cellular Tuning program is a result of the joint effort of Jane and Jace.

Jane suffered from feeling terrible about not feeling good enough, having debts, and not being happy with her married life for years.

This made her feel ashamed in front of her son and her surrounding mates. Though she wrote her journal every day to feel good, it did not help her in any way.

Then, she met Jace who was a former sound engineer who developed an interest in researching the secrets and sounds of the universe.

When Jane poured out all her sadness in front of Jace and asked why she was facing all these things. 

Jace replies by telling her that most people were not taught the right way to communicate with the universe.

And told Jane that the universe does not speak English and people do not understand the real language of the universe. 

After a very brief interaction with Jace, she started to listen to those simple 20-minute recordings which slowly became a daily habit.

This slowly made her change their thoughts, be more positive, and be refreshed, and happy from within.

Her personal life fell back into place and her debts were slowly cleared too.

This might put your mind to ask you questions like how is this all happening, What is the reason behind all of this? Etc.

Well, I will brief you in the further sections.

Scientific References of Cellular Sound Tuning

So how would you feel if you suddenly hear the stars make all kinds of strange noises when you silently admire a dark and starry sky?

I believe you would discover that the universe seemed much more immediate, present, genuine, and alive after getting out of your poetic reverie and experiencing the initial shock of being startled.

Seeing distant lightning strikes is one thing, but being jolted by rolling thunder is quite another. The universe may be heard, but it is more like touching than seeing. Fortunately, astronomers are discovering methods to do that—to experience the dynamic cosmos around us in addition to seeing it.

According to Einstein’s theory of spacetime, the actual cosmos is vibrating with energy rather than being silent.

A cacophony of vibrations that have rich and varied textures and timbres as the tumult of sounds travels through space and time.

So, what does all this mean?

Is the universe trying to tell us something?

Are we trying to convey something to it? 

According to a study, each type of cell has its own distinctive “song,” which changes when the cell is under stress. Living cells naturally produce sound as part of their metabolic process.

At the UCLA Department of Chemistry, Professors James Gimzewski and Andrew Pelling made the initial discovery that yeast cells oscillate at the nanoscale in 2002. This oscillation produces a sound that is perceptible to humans when amplified.

In this generation, all are some stress or other which makes them feel restless and lethargic. Why is this happening? Or why should it even happen?.

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Cells do communicate with us through sounds and vibrations which might be unheard by us.

Well, you might get some more answers in this article though. 

What is the genesis of music? is the deceptively straightforward question that inspired my belief. This raises the question of why music affects us and many of our animal friends so strongly, and if there is a basic reason for this musicality.

It makes sense to assume that the psychology of music and brain development should be the first area to look at. In other words, we could be said to be musical while still in the womb.

Our musicality and sense of sound slowly emerge during development, and some elements even appear to form in embryonic development. Some scholars have proposed that young animals may also have a musical taste, albeit this idea is currently debatable. So is there a biological foundation for music in general? 

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What will you get inside the Cellular sound Tuning Program?

This program is a 4-day healing program. This contains 20 minutes of recordings of fine-tuned pleasant sounds which can transform your life and make you feel less anxious and happy from within.

This program will get your body in harmony and sabotage the “connection” barrier between you and getting your dream life.

The program says that listening to these audio tracks takes hardly any effort. You need not think or push yourself to keep a routine or a schedule.

The Biofield technology makes it easier and guides you to flow through this program

The 4-day program recordings are sectioned into 4 different sessions:

  • Day1: Spiritual cleansing ceremony.

Getting rid of any energy blockages that are kept inside your body is the first step.

Your cells will begin vibrating totally in unison with the “Sound of the Universe” thanks to the 5D Biofield Technology.

Think of this as giving your body a “factory reset.”Jane first participated in this ceremony. She had the feeling of a caterpillar unloading its burden, spreading its wings, and becoming a butterfly.

  • Day2: Heart and mind coherence ceremony.

This program opens up the true core of your being, your HEART, after fine-tuning the cells inside your body.

Your heart and mind will become more coherent after this Ceremony, and your energy flow will increase. When your heart and thoughts are in harmony, you experience a strong connection to the cosmos.

You feel vibrant.

According to research, the heart’s energy is stronger than the mind’s.

Your heart and emotions are closely related to one another.

You’ll experience feelings of despair, loneliness, and jealousy melt away after hearing this ceremony.

They’ll be replaced by a profound affection for both yourself and others.

  • Day3: Healing beyond body ceremony.

After preparing your body and heart.

We’ll pass the healing Qi energy through your body’s energy points (your Chakras).

Consider your body as a road, and think of vehicles as energy.

when the road is uneven and congested. Traffic is bad, automobiles take a long time to get where they’re going, and the trip is, well, really uncomfortable!

We’re going to widen the energy pathways inside your body using the same healing frequencies used in acupuncture so that the Qi may flow freely.

Any “bumps on the road” will be removed. To ensure that the energy flows freely through your body like a sports car on a German highway, we’ll widen the path and cut out any “dead ends.”

  • Day4: Deep soul connection ceremony.

The healing energies of both magic mushrooms and ayahuasca will greet you here.

You’ll embark on a journey here and release years’ worth of emotional baggage in a matter of minutes (and without any negative side effects)!

You’ll discover deeper parts of yourself. You’ll have increased clarity and concentration.

You’ll learn what your genuine inner mission is for this life.

You’ll be fully prepared to manage any difficulty that comes your way.

Additionally, you’ll have a profound sensation of tranquility that permeates your entire being.

Every expert in this program believes this will work.

While Cellular Sound Tuning can help you but there is another program that can help you in the manifestation of abundance is The Superabundance system make sure to read about it in my Superabundance System Review.

I’m here to tell you that once you synchronize with the universe’s sound everything will seem peaceful.

How does Cellular sound tuning work?

The cellular sound tuning technology restores your complete system to its “Natural Vibratory State” rather than targeting specific body sections.

It re-tunes the song inside the cells of the body and it brings back tranquility and harmony.

This program mixes sound medicine, spiritual practices, and energy healing with technology.

This program works based on “BIOFIELD TECHNOLOGY” where your cell starts vibrating in harmony. 

What does this technology exactly do?

It has a magical ring to it, doesn’t it? I’m here to tell you that it undoubtedly feels and appears to be magic. But this approach is grounded on scientific ideas, hypotheses, applications, and outcomes.

Since the moment you were conceived, this invisible field has existed. A field of energy surrounds every living thing. Every planet, including the sun and the earth, has its energy field surrounding it. 

A group of researchers at the National Institutes of Health created the word “biofield” to describe the biological energy field that surrounds a person. A pioneer in the field of sound therapy, Eileen McKusick created the revolutionary sound treatment technique known as Biofield Tuning.

You must be thinking that this sounds whoaa at this point.

Before you pass judgment, allow me to explain how this remarkable therapy operates. Tuning forks are the tools that are utilized.

Sound has been utilized to treat illness for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used sound to break up kidney stones and identify and diagnose illness.

Ultrasound also uses sound to detect and diagnose illness. Every object in the universe vibrates, sounds, and has a particular frequency.

This heals your inner soul and gets you in a tranquilized state of mind and body. 

Pros of Cellular Sound Tuning program:

  • Increases focus, decreases anxiety, and improves mood.
  • Aids in making desires come true.
  • Makes it simple to satisfy the need.
  • Boosts one’s willpower.
  • Increase your confidence.
  • Give your soul peace and keep in harmony.
  • Eliminates negative thoughts.

Cons of Cellular Sound Tuning program:

  • Available only on online platforms.
  • Not available on any other website except the official website.

Where can you buy the Cellular sound tuning program?

It is only available on the official website. It is NOT available on any other site.

So, I would advise you to check the official website.

Is there a money-back guarantee for the program?

Yes! This program comes with a 365-day-money-back guarantee.

Cellular sound tuning pricing

You get instant access to the Cellular Sound Tuning System for only $47

Cellular Sound Review Conclusion

Every product or program will act differently for different people. This is because every one of us does not have the same mindset or thoughts. 

This is why you stand out from the crowd. You cannot expect any particular process to work on you the same way it worked on others.

But you can try once and get to know what this program is doing to your mind and body.

As Jane and Jace, the people who were the mind behind this say that they cannot stand there with their hands tied and not share the miraculous system they created which might help others.

Here are some reviews on this program that might help you to decide whether to buy the program or not.

  • Tammy F. writes that since she has been unemployed for six months, money has been sporadically appearing, and her husband and she are regaining our closeness (they had become disconnected with all that is going on).
  • John G. says that the way he feels during and after each session with the Cellular Sound Tuning System is his favorite aspect of it. Instead of taking hours, as with meditation, a strong sense of calm and pleasant slumber would spread across both his mind and body.
  • Malini S. reports that she is in tears as she has been working tirelessly and putting a lot of effort to achieve financial freedom. In less than 12 hours, at precisely 11 am, she received a surprise of $750.

So,  these are a few reviews of the customers who have tried the program and are getting back with their results. 

As now you know everything that is to the Cellular Sound Tuning program all I will say is if there is nothing to lose and everything to gain order it now!

Try Cellular Sound Tuning Program for 365-days 100% Risk-FREE!

Cellular Sound Tuning Review FAQs

This is not one of those mind-reprogramming audios, binaural rhythms, or hypnotic tunes, Program can guarantee you.
On basic medical principles, biofield technology, and energy healing, this is based.

Only recently developed proprietary technology that “captures” this energy and embeds it in digital representation has made this possible.

As soon as you start listening to The Cellular Sound Tuning System, you WILL notice a change…
You immediately feel in your heart that this is different. Something unique and unfathomable…
OR… the program strongly advises writing to the website for a complete, hassle-free return of every penny.

You have 365 days to make your choice.

Jace agreed to sell you the sound Healing System for as little as $47. They can’t promise there won’t be a price hike shortly. It is Jace’s life’s work, thus it is only fair.

Although each person’s situation is unique.

Within just 4 days, the Cellular Sound Tuning System will cause extraordinary changes in your body and yourself.

And if you continue to hear the music from Biofield for at least 21 days…

You might see indications and changes coming your way.

Feel what it’s like to wake up each day with a positive attitude, a sense of purpose, a sense of where you fit in the world, a sense of assurance in all you do, and a magnet-like attraction to success, money, and love.

Proving incorrect to everyone who has ever claimed you wouldn’t succeed.

If you’re like the vast majority of the thousands of people who have used the Cellular Sound Tuning System.

You might find it quite difficult to hide your silly grin or keep the delight in your eyes from shining.

As it comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, order Cellular Sound Tuning today at a heavily discounted price of $47

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*Disclaimer: Although I try to be as honest as I can be about this program, I cannot guarantee any results with them as my reviews are solely based on the internet research I do and sometimes trying the programs myself.

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