Looking for Cosmic Energy Profile Reviews? Does Cosmic Energy Profile work? In this comprehensive review, everything you need to know will be revealed!

Cosmic Energy Profile Review: Is it Legit?

Cosmic Energy Profile is legit and is based upon the ancient Mayan Calendar, and your cosmic energy is created on the day you were born. These energies continue to interact with the universe till the last day of one’s life. The profile will include all of the components of your galactic signature.

The only thing is that it cannot guarantee results as that’s something dependent on you no course or program can guarantee results until you change or decide to work.

But first, let me summarize this Cosmic Energy Profile review for you…

1.Product NameCosmic Energy Profile
2.Official websitehttps://cosmicenergyprofile.com/
3.Cosmic Energy Profile Price$7 for 7 days trial then $19 per month
4.Customer RatingsThe avg customer rating is 4.3/5
5.CreatorsRic & Liz
6.My Ratings4.2/5

Cosmic Energy Profile is getting popular among people as it gives the insight to align one’s energy and learn some truths about oneself. It also claims to match your passion with the opportunities that the universe is directing toward you. 

This program claims that it can serve as a powerful mechanism to help you manifest the life you have constantly longed for. You will find the right pathway that you need to follow to attain your dreams and destiny.

You only need to go through these daily readings once a week on Sundays, which you will receive on your email address with a summary of what is expected to come for the upcoming week.

If you also want to transform your life for something good, then keep reading, and I will disclose all the valuable information about this new product.

What Is The Cosmic Energy Profile?

Ric and Liz Creators of Cosmic Energy Profile

The Cosmic Energy Profile method is based upon the ancient Mayan Calendar, and your cosmic energy is created on the day you were born. These energies continue to interact with the universe till the last day of one’s life. The profile will include all of the components of your galactic signature.

It will help people know about the inherent energy embedded within a person to guide him toward the right direction to manifest wealth and lead a happy life. Every day and every month has its different energy profiles, and you will be able to uncover these energies and your day sign.

Meditation Gif

The Cosmic Energy Profile helps determine the strengths and weaknesses of a person by learning the meaning of different galactic signs. Also, it supports getting a deep insight into the future and analysis of one’s cosmic destiny. 

This profile is of enormous value as it helps people with negative thought patterns and directs them towards positivity and prosperous living. All of your life goals can be accomplished once your energy profile gets unlocked, thus providing the needed support to reach your fullest potential.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you are also in a position in your life where you are not able to get the opportunities or in search to achieve success and happiness, then it is the right time for you to start with your new life.

Who Created The Cosmic Energy Profile?

The Cosmic Energy Profile is a combined effort of Liz and Ric Thompson, who have worked hard on decoding this ancient Mayan Calendar of the Aztecs.

This couple has made the Cosmic Energy Profile a success with their years of hard work in research, trials, and experiments to make this product that made it possible to create the Dream spell edition of the Mayan Calendar. 

Based on scientific principles, this product unleashes the secrets of the destiny of a person who logs into the Calendar with their date of birth. 

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How Does Cosmic Energy Profile Work?

Based on the power of the ancient Mayan Calendar, it unlocks your hidden potential and abilities by comparing your birth date with the position of planets at the time of your birth. Combining the information gained through your day sign and tone gives in-depth knowledge about your destiny charts. 

The cosmic energy profile uses the resources from the archaic Calendar and undergoes the execution of a new technology called Dream spell

Every individual has a special connection to the cosmos, which is evident in the form of a zodiac sign. Within every zodiac sign, there are different elements and qualities associated that reveal an individual’s personality traits. 

The Mayans were great astrologers who used astrology to calculate their calendars, and these are considered one of the most precise calendars ever made. They used the position of stars and planets to make predictions of different life events.

Therefore, the generation of a person’s cosmic energy is a blend of age-old knowledge and modern-day inventions.

Unlike other products, this profile is entirely personalized, and you don’t have to follow a time- consuming procedures to accomplish your dreams; it delivers instant results for your daily readings. 

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What Do The Symbols Of Cosmic Energy Profile Mean?

Among the list of Galactic symbols, these are some of the symbols displayed in the person’s Calendar:

Cosmic Energy Profile Review - My HONEST Experiences! (SCAM?)
  1. Red Dragon, Nurtures- It symbolizes the power of birth and focuses on the fact that essence is being.
  2. White Wind, Communicates- Focus on the strength of spirit and the fact that essence is breath.
  3. Blue Night, Dreams- Essence is one’s intuition and symbolizes the power of abundance
  4. Yellow Seed, Targets- Here, the essence is awareness and signifies the power of flowering/ blooming.
  5. Red Serpent, Survives- Focus on control of life forces and the essence of instinct.
  6. White World-Bridger, Equalizes- Symbolizes the power of death and the essence is opportunities.
  7. Blue Hand, Knows- The power of accomplishment and essence is healing.
  8. Blue Storm, Catalyzes- Illustrates the power of self-generation and essence is energy.
  9. Red Skywalker, Explores- Includes the power of space and the essence is wakefulness.
  10. White Mirror, Reflects- Power of eternity and essence is order.
  11. Yellow Star, Beautifies- Focus on the power of elegance and essence in art.
  12. Red Moon, Purifies- Signifies the field of all possibilities.
  13. White Dog, Loves- Indicates power of heart and loyalty.
  14. Blue Monkey, Plays: It signifies the power of magic.
  15. Yellow Human, Influences- People with this symbol are a storehouse of wisdom and use their free will to a great extent.
  16. White Wizard, Enchants- It includes receptivity and timelessness characteristics.
  17. Blue Eagle, Creates- Symbolizes the power of vision.
  18. Yellow Warrior, Questions- This includes great intelligence and people who are fearless.
  19. Read Earth, Evolves- Symbolizes the power of navigation.
  20. Yellow Sun, Enlightens- It symbolizes the power of universal fire.

These galactic symbols are crucial to unlocking one’s future opportunities, hidden abilities, prospects of the future, and strengths and weaknesses to guide one toward the right pathway to achieve success and happiness. 

Mayan cosmic energy profile is entirely based on scientific principles as it uses the cosmic energies present in the universe and unites them with one’s body and mind. This will help you attract the energy and opportunities you desired for.

Features of the Cosmic Energy Profile

Free Energy Profile

When you visit their official website, you will get instant access to the free Cosmic Profile. You only need to enter your details- name; email address and date of birth- and you will get the exact information about your galactic signature, your day sign, and the cosmic tone.

With this, you will get to know about your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and hidden attributes of your personality. These are significant to get an idea about how your energy interacts with the universe.

Cosmic Destiny Chart

Once you log- in, you will get a personalized destiny chart, encompassing five life-changing areas. These include:

  • Guide Kin– It represents one’s higher self and individual karma that influences your life decisions.
  • Destiny Kin– Represents one’s future and understanding of what one wants to be.
  • Occult Kin– Unleashes one’s hidden powers and abilities and utilizes them to align with your why.
  • Analog Kin– Comprehends the supportive and feminine power to reach your full potential and find your best self.
  • Antipodes Kin– Focus on understanding masculine energy and understanding the source of your strength.
  • Snapshot Of Future Activities– It makes the availability of daily readings of expected happening in one’s life. This is delivered to one’s email address which can help one attain success.

As you have nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain if successful get your free personalized cosmic energy profile here

Benefits of Using Cosmic Energy Profile

  • Learn about your hidden talents to achieve success in life.
  • Serves as a key to having an enhanced self-understanding.
  • Eliminate your negative thinking patterns and replace them with positive ones.
  • Sync your energies to attract and manifest the life you always desire.
  • Prepare yourself for future happenings and life events.
  • Live an accomplished life and become a successful person.
  • Find your soulmate based on the cosmic energies that surround you.
  • Identify your potential and utilize them to achieve a prosperous life.

You don’t have to invest much time and effort to see the results; you will get daily readings of your cosmic energy profile on your email address.

You can get access to the complete cosmic energy program for $7, which includes a complimentary seven-day membership. If you want to continue with the membership, then you have to pay $19.97 per month.

In addition to this, you are getting a full 60-day money-back guarantee. If at any point you feel you are not satisfied with the product, you can ask for a refund. So, it is completely RISK-FREE.

If you can give it a try, it can help to change your destiny as it did for others.


  • The results are subjective.
  • Can’t be served as a substitute for treatment for a physical ailment.
  • It can’t be effective for people who are not able to eliminate their negative thoughts. You must follow this process with an optimistic mindset if you want the desired results.

Where You Can Buy The Cosmic Energy Profile?

The only place where you can purchase this product is on the official website. It is NOT available anywhere else other than their website.

Cosmic Energy Profile- My Personal Experiences

I want to share my own personal experience with this Cosmic Energy Profile program, so you can get a better insight into how it works and decide whether you want to purchase it or not.

I have used the free version of this program and was amazed at its results, it gave an accurate description of my personality traits and I came to know about my Galactic Signature and tone. The report also includes some of the top challenges that I should deal with to get a better future ahead.

Being impressed with the results, I decided to purchase this program and I am using this for 2 weeks. It includes a personalized Cosmic Destiny Chart and daily Cosmic Energy Readings, which I get on my email id.

With its guidance and daily readings, I have gained a better understanding of myself and how I can work towards achieving my goals. I am feeling happier and got a more optimistic view of life.

I will surely continue using this program and will keep you updated about the same.


So as you reached the end of this article and have all the relevant knowledge about the Cosmic Energy Profile and its efficiency, I consider this product an excellent option to all those trying hard to manifest the life they have dreamed of for years.

Unlike other programs available, this one is based on scientific principles that help you utilize your energies to attract happiness and success in your life. You will recognize your hidden talents and discover opportunities that will take you on the road to success.

You will build a better understanding of yourself and others by gaining an in-depth understanding of your personality characteristics and how they shape your life decisions. You need to read these cosmic energy reports and follow the instructions carefully.

The decision is entirely up to you whether you want to give it a try to attain your goals and identify your true potential to change your destiny.

Cosmic Energy Profile Review FAQs

Yes, you will get a free cosmic energy profile where you need to log- in with your details. It will show your galactic symbol and other relevant information about your personality.

Yes, you will see that some of those traits mentioned in the report match your personality.

Yes, you need to subscribe to the product, and after that, you will receive your daily readings on your email id.

It will work only if you use it with a positive mindset and follow all the guidelines carefully.

Go Ahead and give Cosmic Energy Profile a try as you have nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain.

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