4 Best Email Marketing Softwares Of All Time (FREE & Paid) Works Best Even In Quarantine

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The Best Of The Best Email Marketing Softwares You Start Using Right Now

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Is email marketing dead in 2020? One of the most common questions I get after ‘What is email marketing?’.

Today through this blog and with the help of my emails which I have received I am going to prove it is not going anywhere nor it will go anywhere anytime soon.


What is Email Marketing?

 You can consider email marketing as the mail-order advertising of the resent time. If you are aware of mail-order advertising then you will have no problem understanding email marketing.

In mail-order, advertising businesses used to send their flyers to the address of the potential customer’s houses/businesses, in return the potential customers either give them money if they like the offer and can do nothing if they don’t like the offer.

Email marketing is similar to it the address is now your email and the businesses get your email through landing pages and websites where you have entered your information some or the other day. In that email there comes an offer which in most cases you can’t refuse. If you avail it ‘congratulations, you are now a customer’.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

No, it is not! nor it is going to be anytime soon. It has been from long and it will not go anywhere until the internet is in existence.
 Your email is still of very high value to the marketers one good email can generate them, marketers, as much as $1,000,000 or even more depending upon the offer which you are sold to.
Below are the screenshots of  my personal email account
email marketing software
email marketing software
As you can see from the email I receive email from Dan Lok, Robert Kiyosaki, Russell Brunson, Neil Patel, etc All of the emails sent by them contains a link to an offer they are offering or a link to a webpage or a Youtube video (Especially in case of Neil Patel). 
I believe now you are convinced that email marketing is not dead in 2019 and still a growing industry today.
Email marketing is a favorite thing for affiliate marketers. ‘If you got an email of just 1000 existing customers you don’t have to work for life’, this is a common saying in the affiliate marketing industry.
As you now know that email marketing is not going anywhere, but you still might not have a valid reason to do it because you don’t know its benefits yet.

Benefits of Email marketing

Sending an email to a person can be of significant use for any business you are in. Some of the main benefits of  email marketing are listed below

1. Lost Cost

If you are running on a low budget for your marketing campaign I would like to suggest you go with Getresponse which helps you engage with 1000 people unlimited times a month for as little as $15.

2. Very Easy to Begin

If you are new to the marketing I will suggest you go with email marketing as it is one of the easiest and the most user-friendly form of marketing technique of all time. One of the most user-friendly software I believe is Getresponse just you have to upload your email list and plan what you have to say in that email that’s it you are good to go.

3. Deliver Revenue

With email marketing, you can drive targeted traffic to people all according to the need of your company. Getresponse helps you deliver messages all according to the responses of your customers according to previous responses.

4. Less Competent

Your competition will never know what you are emailing your customers and what offers they are converting to. 

Best Softwares to Use For Email Marketing

There are many software’s available in the market but the best are listed below


email marketing software
email marketing software

If you don’t have an email list and want to create one just click the image.
I consider Getresponse to be one of the best in the field of email marketing. Even more, it helps you create sales funnel too.

email marketing software
email marketing software


2. AWeber 

One of the oldest email marketing automation software and it has been very famous between affiliate marketers.

email marketing software
email marketing software

It will automate everything as you can see through the banner above. The only downside of AWeber is its pricing. It costs around $19, but you can still check this ‘What to Write?’ series.
This helps you write better emails without the help of a  professional copywriter.

email marketing software
email marketing software



1. MailChimp 

One of the most famous and most used email marketing software, if you have 2000+ subscribers then it can cost you a lot. Till 2000 subscribers it’s free to use.

 2. Sendinblue

It can be considered as the best alternative for Mailchimp you can email up to 9000 emails in a month. It could be more affordable for you if you will go for its paid plan.

My personal recommendation of all these software is Getresponse or AWeber they are there to help you grow your business they even provide you with proven email templates. 

email marketing software
email marketing software


email marketing software
email marketing software

That’s it for the blog guys. I hope to see the growth in your business. Don’t forget to comment and share it with people.
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