Feminine Frequency Program
Feminine Frequency Program

In this Feminine Frequency Review, I will reveal everything you need to know about this new program based on my personal experiences and results.

Feminine Frequency Reviews

Feminine Frequency is an audio program that claims to help women manifest everything that they want in life- starting from a job with a handsome salary to getting engaged to the Prince Charming of their lives.

As has been described by the creator on the official website of the product, the product helps in switching off your brain and switching on the heart.

You might be wondering what “heart manifestation” exactly is; well, we will tell you that shortly in this completely unbiased review. Just stick to it and keep reading this article till the end to know if the product is legit or just absurd to beguile people into emptiness.

What Is Feminine Frequency?

What is Feminine Frequency?
Feminine Frequency Program

As can be interpreted from its name, Feminine Frequency is a self-manifestation product in the form of audio clips mixed with a guide of meditation. It has been exclusively designed for women by a woman.

According to the creator, the product makes use of the heart’s energy for manifestation. But, why use the energy of the ‘heart’ in the first place? Well, this is because…..

An eminent scientist, Dr. Rollin McGraty, discovered that the heart is about 5,000 times more powerful than the brain. That is the reason why the heart’s unused energy is said to be used to aid women in manifesting and materialize their dreams and desires into reality.

The product’s creator is of the view that when manifestations occur from the heart, an individual can activate and use the vibration of the highest strength. And, guess what? This very highly energetic vibration is called the Feminine Frequency.

The product has been based on the revelations made by the scientist Dr. Stanislav Grof. His startling invention about the strong energy and power of the heart led to the establishment of several breathwork institutes in Ukraine. This very breathwork may help the women in getting whatever they want- it can be a car, job, life partner, and house.

Who Created Feminine Frequency?

Who Created Feminine Frequency?

The creator of Feminine Frequency is Alexis Watts. She was pretty distressed and vexed at her best friend, Maria.

This is because……

Alexis had helped Maria secure a job at her office, but just after a few months, Maria surpassed Alexis and became the boss of the office. It was hard for Alexis to go about following the orders of her friend Maria. After all, Alexis herself had helped Maria get the job, and now it is she who is ruling over Alexis.

Things took a significant turn for Alexis when Maria requested the former to accompany her to Ukraine for a work trip. On reaching there, Alexis came to know from Maria herself that the secret to her success and the fulfillment of several of her desires is manifesting in the right way via the heart.

On Maria’s insistence, Alexis visited a breathwork institute in Ukraine, where she started to get results gradually. While going through the procedure of breathwork, she felt light and experienced crazy vibrations. She felt supercharged with a strong gush of energy flowing through her veins.

After Alexis returned from Ukraine, she started to get everything that she had manifested. Not only was she promoted to a high-ranking position in a reputed company but was also engaged to the CFO of Canada’s largest insurance company.

Alexis wanted to share this audio formula of breathwork with all the women at large so that everyone could get the benefits that she had received. With Maria’s support, Alexis made the Feminine Frequency, an amalgamation of ancient and modern technology, and it was made available for sale on its official website.

How Feminine Frequency Works?

Feminine Frequency can be easily used at home by undergoing three important stages.

Stage 1: Respite From Doubting Yourself

The first phase involves following the instructions of meditation by performing a unique breathing technique of 7-7-7.

The creator claims that following this breathing method can help you come out of the disturbed state of suffering from self-doubt.

You may gain extreme confidence as a consequence. This can help you manifest the things and persons you want in your life.

Stage 2: Healing Of Sacral Energy

This second phase of healing the sacral energy helps you to introduce the power of innovation and creativity to your life.

It is said that one’s creativity is located in the sex center. So, this may help you jazz up your sexuality and give you an overall charming look. This can make you feel wanted and loved by everyone around you.

Stage 3: Freeing The Energy Of The Heart

In this ultimate step of Feminine Frequency, the audio program helps you release the energy from your heart.

This is the stage that will help you to experience the highest vibration termed as the Feminine Frequency by heart manifestation.

You can feel that the synchronicities have started to accumulate. The product may make you think that even the Universe has come to help you and can aid you in fulfilling your desires.

Pros And Cons Of Feminine Frequency


  1. It can help in enhancing your self-confidence.
  2. It can aid you in manifesting everything that you wanted in life since a long time.
  3. It can help you secure your dream job.
  4. It can help you in coming out of the depressing state of self-doubt.
  5. It can help you attract wealth and prosperity.
  6. It can help you find an ideal life partner.
  7. It can increase your grace, charm and inner beauty.


  1. The product is available only in the online mode. So, you cannot get it at any offline store. If you wish to buy it, you will have to place the order through the portal of their official website.
  2. You won’t get fast results after using it. So, a bit of patience is required.
  3. Absolute concentration and true peace of mind is needed while going through the beathwork procedure which has a total duration of 30 minutes. So, not everyone can do this patiently and manifest their desires!

Bonuses Of Feminine Frequency

  1. Affirmations Audio: This gift is a CD consisting of audio clips that begin with “I am Enough”. The audio files have been designed carefully so that these can give you strong confidence.
Feminine Frequency Review bonuses

2. Subliminal Video: This is a video file that may help you to enhance your beauty and charm so that you can crack any job interview or impress your partner on a date.

Feminine Frequency Review bonuses

3. Manifestation Art: This bonus contains a symbol of “sigil” that can be used for manifestation. The creator claims that if you stare at this sign for about 10 seconds at a stretch, you can gain the power to attract a boon in your life.

Feminine Frequency Review bonuses

Where Can You Buy Feminine Frequency?

You can order Feminine Frequency easily by visiting their official website. The product’s price has been fixed at $27 only so that women from all corners of the world can afford and use it to transform their lives.

Feminine Frequency Support + Money Back Guarantee

If you feel that no change has occurred in your life and that you are not getting any satisfactory results, you can immediately ask for a refund within 60 days from the day of your purchase. To send the refund request, send an email to support@tryfemininefrequency.com.

The 60-day money-back guarantee that comes with this product clarifies that there is nothing to lose by using it. After all, you will be getting a refund if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

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Conclusion: My Experience With Feminine Frequency

Let me now share with you my experience with Feminine Frequency.

I was not able to understand which university should I join for my higher studies. I got admitted into a university that was not even on my preference list. Since I had no love for the institution I was studying in, I started losing interest in my favorite subject.

My, and I always used to have this eerie feeling that I wouldn’t be able to succeed in life and secure a job.

In utter despair, I threw myself into a depressed state. After a few days, as I was scrolling through some website content, I came across an advertisement for this very product- Feminine Frequency.

With great skepticism, I clicked on it and went through the details of it. After a lot of deliberations, I thought of giving it a shot.

After using the product for a continuous period of 3 weeks, I did not notice any significant change in my life. It was the same exhausting lifestyle that I led.

I had made up my mind to ask for a refund, but the next day, my entrance exam results came out, and I got selected to study in my dream university. Though I had to drop a year, I was happy to get into my favorite institution.

Now, I have grown way more confident, and I am proud to say that I no longer suffer from stress and anxiety.

So, I will suggest you give it a try because you have got nothing to lose by doing that.

Try The Feminine Frequency Now!

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