The 4-Step D.U.N.K. Process

Our review process is called the 4Step D.U.N.K. Process used every single day by a team of expert Review Patriots with every product that is reviewed at

As you might know, our expertise is in weight loss supplement reviews and manifestation & law of attraction product reviews.

So to review either of these products the process is similar but with a little difference which will be revealed here.

Our Review process is 4 Step D.U.N.K. Process - Discovery

1. Discovery

A designated team of Review Patriots looks for NEWLY launched or POPULAR weight loss supplements and manifestation & law of attraction programs that come under our criteria of the review.

We DO NOT review products that are total SCAM! And we let our subscribers know in our weekly newsletter to avoid such SCAMMY products.

2. Understand

This phase is solely dedicated to understanding the product. As the product is discovered by us we try to understand it in every way possible.

From what kind of marketing the product creators are doing to how good the product is. This happens usually after trying the product ourselves.

As you can understand we cannot try every product ourselves so for some we have dedicated researchers who do the needful research so that they can help the writers in constructing the most data-packed review.

The researchers find the real testimonials, the age of the product, finding real users on online forums and even they talk with the product creators to come up with a conclusion.

This is one of the most time-consuming tasks for us. It takes up to 100hours-500hours per product to find the needful information that breaks or makes our product review.

And sometimes if we lack some relevant information we reject the product!

Our Review process is 4 Step D.U.N.K. Process - Nurture

3. Nurture

This is a task of our Review Patriot writers it takes them a significant amount of time and back & forth conversation with the researchers to come up with a groundbreaking review article.

Sometimes we also create a review video about the product and that too takes a notable amount of time on our end.

4. Known

No amount of effort is enough if our beloved reader is not able to read or find our review online.

So in this process, we do the MARKETING!

Our marketing team is SMALL but our hard work towards our goal is massive.

So the team does the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the reviews and the research we do.

The team also makes sure all of our marketing efforts are streamlined and all of our Social profiles are thoroughly maintained with our NEW reviews and the research that has been done behind them.

This is an extensive task that never ends.