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Revive Daily is a dietary nutritional supplement that claims to aid in weight loss, prevent aging, boost your metabolism and promote your sleep quality.

The chemical components in the Revive Daily supplement help the body’s production of Growth hormone(GH) and promote weight loss, reverse aging and increase sleep quality.

This product claims that it features a mixture to encourage better sleep and the ability to increase GH levels in the body. It contains a special, nutrient-rich substance in the recommended dosage, which has been demonstrated to support overall being in both men and women.

The potent combination of this, with the eight distinct nutrients in the precise ratios, is demonstrated to dramatically boost your general well-being, fat loss, and natural GH quality.

Every capsule is made in a reputable facility under the strictest hygienic, exacting, and safety guidelines. The remarkable, life-improving features of this supplement assist hundreds of people every day, and there are no major side effects if taken as recommended.

1.Product NameRevive Daily
2.Who created Revive Daily?John Barban
3.Can you lose weight with Revive Daily?Yes, you can lose weight with Revive Daily dietary supplement pill.
4.Key ingredients of Revive daily1. Lysine
2. Arginine
3. Melatonin
4. Hydroxytryptophan
5. Ashwagandha extract
5.Merits of Revive Daily1. The item is non-GMO.
2. It is an easy-to-take and safe ingredient for the body.
3. It generates results that are precise and timely.
6.Demerits of Revive Daily1. It is not suggested for pregnant women or people with other major health issues.
2. Not available anywhere online
7.Consumption & DosageThe consumption of Revive Daily pills is oral, you need to take one pill every single day with a glass of water before bed.
8.Is Revive Daily Safe?Yes, Revive Daily is completely safe to use and there have been no major side-effected reported for this supplement. But it is suggested you consult your doctor before you consume this.
9.Where can you buy Revive daily pills?You can buy the Revive Daily weight loss supplement only from the Official website that is
10.Is there any money-back guarantee?Yes, there is a 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.
11.What is the best bundle for Revive Daily?If you want to SAVE BIG on your purchase I would recommend you get the 6 Bottle bundle (180-day supply) of Revive Daily it will cost you only $33 per bottle & you will also get FREE shipping on it.
12.Effective cost per pill (for a 180-day supply)$1.1/pill
13.How long does Revive Daily take to show results?It will take at least 40 to 60 days to show any significant results.

What is Revive daily?

Revive daily contains a combination of 8 nutrients to promote growth hormone health, and weight loss, improve sleep patterns, and make you look younger.

Revive Daily Review - Is Revive Daily Safe for Weight Loss?

It features a particular, nutrient-rich ingredient in the appropriate dosage that has been shown to enhance both men’s and women’s ability to be a better version of themselves.

The Revive Daily pills are a strong mix of the eight different nutrients in the correct ratios and have been shown to significantly improve the quality of your natural GH helping in weight loss, deep sleep production, and overall well-being.

Every capsule is produced at a reputed facility in accordance with the most demanding hygiene standards. There are no known adverse effects, and Revive Daily’s incredible, life-improving features might help hundreds of individuals every day if taken in the right consulted way.

It also encourages quick weight loss and sound sleep, which is important for the body’s proper growth and is safe for humans. A person who takes the supplement is said to ultimately become lighter, leaner, healthier, and more energized.

Revive Daily helps people fall asleep and shed fat more easily and quickly. The dietary supplement Revive Daily increases the quality of your sleep and gives you more energy during the day and helps you shed weight quicker.

Now, I will take you through the other information regarding this supplement, its ingredients and much more so that you can decide whether you can purchase this product or not.

Who is the creator of Revive Daily weight loss supplement?

The creator of the Revive Daily supplement is John Barban, who holds numerous personal training certifications, a degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph, and who also teaches exercise physiology courses at the University of Florida.

He has formulated this product which might help in your overall well-being from within.

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How does Revive daily work?

The Revive Daily is intended to begin working the first night you include it in your regimen. You’ll be able to lose weight more quickly and effortlessly, and it will also help you wake up feeling renewed in body, mind, and metabolism.

You may reduce body fat, recover youthful vitality, and even remove wrinkles with the use of a straightforward sleep regimen. This mixture will support the flexibility of your skin as well as the growth of your hair.

It not only changes the age at which someone starts showing fine lines but also boosts mood and cognitive memory.

The dietary supplement Revive Daily effectively promotes a healthy sleep cycle and increases the production of growth stimulants. Even your cognitive function and maintaining a healthy weight for your body might be improved with it.

Revive Daily’s natural ingredients help your body produce fat-burning and anti-aging hormones like growth stimulating hormones at their peak level (GH). Your body creates most of its growth hormones at night. Your body won’t be able to manufacture growth chemicals if you don’t get enough sleep.

Revive Daily can increase the synthesis of growth chemicals by encouraging weight loss, considerable muscular growth, and anti-aging advantages.

The formula is all-natural, secure, and efficient, as said. The manufacturer claims that thousands of consumers have tested the product with no major adverse effects being noted yet.

Revive Daily enhances cognitive function while supporting the growth of a stronger immune system.

Each pill contains natural, very potent, anti-anxiety ingredients that are proven to relax your brain training and lose weight. Your health will benefit from Revive Daily since it helps to revive it and gives both the body and the brain calm and peace.

What are the key ingredients of Revive daily?

The ingredients of the Revive Daily are made to produce GH, aid in weight loss, and sleep quality combination is composed of all-natural, professionally tested ingredients. This pill includes essential mineral blends, plant extracts, and amino acids that are backed by science.

These factors all complement one another to enhance GH production and overall well-being. The 8 ingredients of Revive Daily and the advantages they bring are as follows:

#1: Lysine:

The lysine is essential for the growth and repair of bones, skin, hair, and nails. Additionally, it could support neuron health and muscular growth. Lysine works with other essential nutrients like arginine and histidine to help the body make proteins, which are the fundamental components of the tissue.

It has been demonstrated that lysine aids in the production of the protein required by your body. However, it also makes sure that consumers may sleep as much as possible. Your synapses are maintained, and tension and anxiety are reduced. You could even be able to increase your level of energy as a result.

It includes acids that support your fitness levels and aid in improving the quality of your sleep. Even more, it helps your skin refresh, absorbs natural skin tones, and improves healthy heart function. It can also be utilized for the treatment of soreness.

#2: Arginine:

A nutrient known as arginine has been shown to enhance joint health. It encourages the production of collagen, which is crucial for the lubrication and strength of joints. Additionally, arginine may help to lessen the pain and inflammation brought on by joint conditions like arthritis.

Your general health benefits as it helps to calm your cells and puts you in a relaxed condition. It considerably boosts the slow sleep waves you experience and aids in the production of GH in your body.

Here, arginine is one of the essential components that can help you maintain a state of relaxation in which your cells are calm, which is good for your overall health. It considerably increases the amount of sluggish sleep you get by triggering the production of GH in your body.

#3: Melatonin:

It has been shown that melatonin can help you fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep for longer. They cut down on the amount of time they spend lying in bed without any outside stimulation.

If you have trouble sleeping or suffer from jet lag, melatonin may be able to help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer.

Additionally, it has been shown to enhance feelings and lessen anxiety and depressive symptoms. In general, using melatonin for a little time is safe. Melatonin is less likely to result in reliance, a reduced reaction after repeated use (habituation), or a hangover effect than many other sleep aids.

Most frequently, melatonin is used to treat insomnia and enhance sleep in a variety of circumstances, including jet lag. It helps in managing a healthy weight reduction and is useful in treating obesity.

Even symptoms like headaches, nausea, and vertigo are reduced by it. It boosts your immune system and aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism.

#4: Hydroxytryptophan:

Revive Daily uses Hydroxytryptophan, this amino acid that increases average sleep duration and fosters restful sleep. Additionally, it will aid in addressing the root cause of the tension and anxiety brought on by sleep deprivation.

The body transforms the essential amino acid tryptophan into the molecule hydroxytryptophan. As soon as the aforementioned transformation occurs, the molecule transforms into serotonin, a neurotransmitter that transmits information between brain cells.

An increase in serotonin levels in the brain may help regulate behavior, mood, pain perception, hunger, and mood. Another source stated that it should be used since it may increase melatonin levels.

#5: Ashwagandha extract:

Ashwagandha contains chemicals that may aid in blood pressure lowering, immune system regulation, brain relaxation, and reduced edema. Because ashwagandha has historically been used as an adaptogen, it is utilized to treat various stress-related ailments.

The body’s ability to withstand physical and mental stress is thought to be strengthened by adaptogens. The medicinal plant ashwagandha has been found in tests to reduce inflammation, blood sugar levels, stress, and anxiety.

A common plant in Indian traditional medicine is ashwagandha. It only exists in that nation. Improved mental health, enhanced cognitive function, higher testosterone in males, and improving sleep at night are just a few of the numerous health advantages of ashwagandha.

Additionally, the chemical might increase your body’s levels of growth chemicals.

#6: L- Theanine:

L-theanine is utilized to boost cognitive performance. Additionally, it is claimed to cure diseases including stress, anxiety, and mental impairment, although there isn’t any solid scientific proof to back up these claims.

Avoid conflating theanine with threonine, another amino acid. According to some preliminary studies, taking theanine supplements may make people feel less stressed and calmer.

Every night, it makes it a little bit simpler to fall asleep because of its calming effects. The many chemicals in the brain that initiate it make you sleep better.

#7: Magnesium:

The human body uses magnesium, an important element, in approximately 300 enzyme processes. A mineral called magnesium is necessary for the body to operate properly.

It helps maintain healthy blood pressure, bone density, and heartbeat. As an antacid for heartburn, low magnesium levels, and pregnancy issues are known as pre-eclampsia, it is frequently used to treat constipation.

Magnesium takes about some of the normal adult’s body weight and is evenly distributed across the skeletal system, muscles, soft tissues, and critical fluids. Many people are deficient, which raises their risk for illnesses including osteoporosis, diabetes, anxiety, and headaches, among others.

#8: Zinc:

It is a healthy natural sleep aid that helps reduce the number of times you wake up at night. It promotes sound sleep

In addition to assisting in blood flow regulation, it also supports sleep promotion and brain function regulation.

Zinc is also necessary for taste and smell, as well as for the healing of wounds. A diversified diet generally provides your body with enough zinc. Chicken, red meat, and fortified breakfast cereals are foods high in zinc.

 Zinc is necessary for the operation of some enzymes that support digestion, metabolism, nerve function, and several other activities.

Is Revive Daily Safe? – Science Behind This Weight Loss Supplement

According to studies, clinical, epidemiological, and experimental settings are intensively investigating the role of growth hormone (GH) in mammalian aging. 

The age-related fall in GH levels is interpreted in various ways, including as a sign of neuroendocrine aging, one of the root reasons for changing body composition and other undesirable aging signs, or as a natural defense against cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Experiments with mutations that alter anterior pituitary development, GH production, and receptors exhibit a striking increase in lifespan in the absence of GH signals.

These animals’ longer life spans and an examination of their survival curves indicate that aging is slowed or postponed in the absence of GH. There is no consistent effect on longevity from the associated endocrine disorders in humans.

Revive daily has some beneficial ingredients which are strongly accepted in the scientific world and have proven to give benefits.

Studies have said that Melatonin when used combined with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, may help with cancer treatment, according to several must-read types of research on colon, breast, kidney, brain, and lung cancer.

The research that is now available shows that melatonin may assist in preventing cancer before it begins, grows, and spreads. This vitamin may fight cancer in a variety of ways.

To ensure that taking melatonin won’t conflict with their cancer therapies, anyone interested in doing so should speak with their oncologist or cancer specialist first.

Talking about another important ingredient in Revive daily, Ashwagandha has some amazing health benefits. According to research, Ashwagandha has a cognition-promoting effect and was helpful for elderly adults who were losing their memories as well as for youngsters with memory loss. 

Additionally, it was discovered to be helpful in treating neurological illnesses including Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s disease.

It has a GABA mimicking action and has been found to encourage dendritic development. It reduces anxiety and boosts energy while also benefiting mitochondrial health. 

It has been reported to be effective in clinical instances of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic drug. To demonstrate its therapeutic effectiveness in malignancies, neurological diseases, and illnesses related to stress, large-scale investigations are required.

Overall, it has been demonstrated that taking this regularly boosts High GH production, encourages weight loss, enhances cognitive health, and enhances the overall quality of life. 

Even though the Revive daily hasn’t been the subject of any clinical research or independent testing, there is some evidence to support the formula’s scientific value.


  • It is primarily marketed as a tried-and-true weight loss supplement that could facilitate fast weight loss for users. You will noticeably shed a few pounds after using this supplement consistently for a few weeks and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • The body’s natural energy levels are increased with this pill as well. People will first feel more invigorated than usual upon using this. Revive daily makes you more energetic.
  • Most individuals think about using it since it significantly improves cognitive function. The supplement’s active ingredients and amino acids work together to naturally improve each user’s cognitive performance and every aspect of your health.
  • Users’ general cognitive health becomes better as they keep taking this supplement on a regular basis and are guaranteed to calm their brains.
  • This dietary supplement helps you with a healthy sleep and wake cycle to boost your vitality, which helps your body produce more growth stimulating chemicals.
  • The materials used to create the contents of this supplement were only the freshest, most carefully chosen ingredients, and they were blended in the ideal quantities which shows customers lower their blood pressure also with this
  • The greatest safety and purity criteria are followed during the manufacturing process to produce these outcomes.

What are some Best Things About Revive Daily?

  • The item is non-GMO.
  • It is an easy-to-take and safe ingredient for the body.
  • It generates results that are precise and timely.
  • It is safe to use.
  • Over the age of 18, it is accessible to both men and women.
  • Every Revive daily supplement is made from all-natural and has undergone quality control checks.
  • Revive daily is a natural vegetarian dietary supplement.

What are some Revive daily drawbacks?

  • It might not be suggested for pregnant women or people with other major health issues.
  • You should consult your doctor if you take medicine.
  • Each body is unique, thus the results may vary from person to person.
  • The product may run out of supply as it is available only on their official website.

How much does Revive Daily Cost?

To buy Revive daily, all you need is to visit their official website and select your preferred package.

It is available in 3 packages. You can select according to your need.

  • 1 bottle- $59/per bottle (30 days supplies)
  • 3 bottles- $39/per bottle(90 days supplies)
  • 6 bottles- $33/per bottle (180 days of supplies)
How much does Revive Daily Cost | Revive Daily Pricing | Revive Daily Best Price

Dosage: What is the Best Way to take Revive Daily? – Use Revive Daily this way to get the best results

It is suggested to take one capsule of Revive daily every day (or as consulted by your doctor) 45-1 hour before bed.

Take one capsule daily in the right way and at the right time then you may see the differences evidently. The company recommends taking this for a minimum of three to six months to see the utmost benefits.

Revive Daily Customer Reviews:

  • Mark. W shares that he is down a pant size in less than 3 weeks which is out of his belief. He is looking way younger than ever before. He says that he is losing weight in a healthy way.
  • Maria. R says that she had wasted money on botox and fillers which she regrets as this supplement is working for her in the best way to make her feel young and beautiful
  • Andre. M tells us that he looks like a different person now and looks more fit and healthy.
  • Jennifer. L shares that she is down some pounds! Her mindset, self-image, and outlook have completely changed, and also tells it is an easy pill to consume.

Revive Daily Side Effects:

  • Some people might be allergic to some ingredients above. So, it is always better to know what your body is allergic to.
  • A high dosage might affect your body’s work pattern because of a high spike in hormonal levels.
  • It is not suggested for people below 18, as the digestion process can be a little sensitive to them.
  • This supplement might increase your body heat if taken more because of certain ingredients mentioned above.

Is there a money-back guarantee for Revive daily? – Can I get a refund on my purchase of Revive Daily?

The first 60 days of purchase is a free trial period for the Revive Daily supplement allowing customers to return it and receive a full refund.

With this product, your outcomes, or your experience, if you are not satisfied within 60 days of purchase then all you need to do is inform the manufacturer by contacting them at and after verifying you can get your refund in 48 hours or less.

My Thoughts: Is Revive Daily SCAM?

No, Revive Daily is NOT a SCAM, in fact, it is a dietary supplement that contains natural substances that restore essential nutrients to promote sleep and the generation of human GH, enhancing mental, physical, and emotional health. 

According to my research on the ingredients I found Revive Daily can be a proven solution for your weight loss needs and it also helps in many other ways like GH & sleep and stress so you have a chance of getting all those benefits too.

As the ingredients are proven and everybody’s body is different so there is a chance that you will get some benefits of Revive Daily that others won’t & vice-versa.

It is a safe, all-natural supplement for human GH. Components that have been shown can help people feel better overall since it increases the condition in which your body synthesizes growth stimulating chemicals. 

Additionally, raising GH levels may lead to better muscle growth, fat loss, increased strength and flexibility, reduced fatigue, faster workout recovery, and other benefits.

Given that the Revive Daily capsule purchase is backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, customers are urged to give it a try. Try this, you have nothing to lose after knowing the product review.

FAQs on Revive Daily Review:

1) How safe and organic is Revive Daily supplement?

Revive Daily supplement contains all-natural elements. These qualities do not, however, ensure safety against side effects that may result from an ingredient allergy. People with specific health conditions may be more susceptible to adverse effects that are either often reported or less known. The same is true for pregnant mothers, thus we urge everyone to start by consulting a doctor before taking this weight loss pill.

2) How does Revive Daily works?

Revive Daily works by increasing your growth hormone (GH) production while also improving your quality of sleep and as a results you can see fat reduction as well with many other benefits like improved metabolic, mental, and physical health.

3) How long will it take to get Revive Daily delivered at your house if you order it today?

It will take between 5 and 7 business days for all orders to arrive in Canada and the US. Otherwise, it usually takes one to two weeks to deliver an order.

4) Does Revive Daily have a money-back guarantee?

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee for this product. Customer support should be contacted soon away if consumers do not get the expected outcomes.

5) How long will Revive Daily Take To Show Some Results?

To see some fat loss results with the Revive Daily supplement you will need to consume the pills for at least 4 months with proper diet and exercise you can see the results faster.


We can always judge a supplement on the basis of what our body wants and not by comparing it with others.

This is because each and every body is different and we should learn how to carry that out with pride and grace. Every supplement might not work the same for everyone.

So, make sure you consult your doctor before taking any external pill so that it does not do any harm later on.

I have given you everything you need to know about Revive daily. Make your choice and decide if you wanna go for this supplement. If yes!! then ….

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1. FREE 5-step formula to find Unbiased product reviews
2. Our easy-to-follow 5-step formula to lose weight
3. Future product updates and SCAMMY products to avoid

We will send you one or two emails per week or whenever there is a New supplement launch.

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