Find out everything you need to know about the Sacred Sound Healing System in this unbiased review based on my experiences after 30 days of trying and using it.

Oftentimes all of us find ourselves in situations and scenarios where we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Worries of not meeting deadlines, targets, and expectations – set by both ourselves and by those around us, are like ghosts lurking in the shadows, waiting to take us by surprise, catch us off guard and weigh us down.

Finding oneself struggling in these situations, with our nerves getting the best of us, is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary, it is a sign of our innate humanness. Our ability to be vulnerable in the face of troubles, to evolve in the face of obstacles is as old as civilization itself.

However, just like we supplement our immune system with medicines in fighting sickness, it is necessary to alleviate the stress and worry that comes with our routine lives, because while some degree of stress is positive, called ‘eustress’, as it helps meet deadlines, stay focused and keep track of our progress, there is also another facet to stress, called ‘distress’.

Distress is a negative extremity of stress that is not conducive to productivity and in fact, acts as a hindrance to it, and it is this stress that has some counterproductive and pervasive short-term and long-term effects on physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Sacred Sound Healing System Members Area
This is how the member’s area of Sacred Sound Healing System Looks Like

The repeated biological reaction of the body to distress, i.e, irregularly fast beating of the heart, rapidly rising blood pressure, sharpened senses, and contraction of muscles among other reactions over a long period of time can lead to:

  • Erratic mood swings
  • Degrading health
  • Persistent and crippling anxiety
  • Imbalanced relationships
  • Lessened quality of life
  • Loss of focus and motivation
  • Consistence emotional distress

Persistent and frequent stress can add fuel to the fire in cases of existing health problems including, (but not limited to) :

  • Depressive disorders
  • Chronic pains
  • Sleep problems (insomnia)
  • Autoimmune diseases (compromised immunity)
  • Digestive problems
  • Skin conditions (such as eczema)
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight issues
  • Reproductive complications
  • Cognitive issues (thinking, comprehension, memory retention, etc.)

The list is long and there are innumerable issues and problems that arise with distress and overthinking.

The key to safe sailing in such situations is to maintain a positive mindset full of optimism as it helps you to stay motivated and focused avoid pointless sorrow, and overcome obstacles.

If you’ve read so far and felt a sense of relatability, then it is time to no longer let distress come in the way of your creativity and productivity, using the Sacred Sound Healing system.

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What is the Sacred Sound Healing system?

Before I delve into what the program is, it is pertinent that I mention that while the Sound healing system may be news to some of you reading this, the science of Sound Healing itself, is age-old.  .

The sacred sound healing program uses methods of sound healing that have their roots in ancient Chinese beliefs and principles.

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The developer of the Sacred Sound Healing system discovered the power of sound in healing when he had hit his own personal and emotional rock bottom. And that is what makes the Sacred Sound Healing system both tried and tested.

The magic of stress alleviation simply by listening to 60-seconds of audio, sounds unrealistic. So to establish the effectiveness and efficiency of the sacred sound healing system, it is important I break it down and explain what its foundations are and how it works.

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How does the Secret Sound Healing system work?

Enough about the principles behind the program, now it’s time to talk about what the Sacred Sound Healing system is and what it constitutes.

One of the best things about the Sacred Sound Healing system is that the science behind it is no rocket science, it simply works on the basis of energies.

It functions on the basis of a unique Biofield energy healing technology, the essence of which is that everything in the universe radiates energy. The technology interacts with our energetic bodies via our biofield.

Now unbeknownst to many, all of us innately have a biofield. This Biofield surrounds our bodies and is directly connected to our conscious and subconscious minds

It is a well-known fact that energy through vibrations is the language of the universe. All that we see, feel, perceive, contact and conceive is unadulterated energy; smaller, denser pieces of energy, better known as particles, that vibrate as per the laws of creation.

The basic idea behind vibration in the Sacred Sound Healing system is the principle of reverberation. Reverberation can be defined as resonance, a continuing effect; or a repercussion.

The whole universe is conditioned to operate on energies,  that are constantly in vibration. Every organ, cell, bone, tissue, and ligament of the body and the electromagnetic fields that encompass our human body have a strong vibratory reverberation and repercussions.

If this resonance is imbalanced, it leads to us becoming like empty vessels, making unpleasant sounds, as our regular frequencies turn into vibrations without congruence, hence resulting in sickness.

Sacred Sound Healing System Video
Credits: Sacred Sound Healing System

What is in the Sacred Sound Healing Program?

All of us are guilty of depending on music as part of our everyday routine. We listen to our favorite songs time and time again, both when we are happy and sad because music has a way of calming our nerves and giving us a sense of comfort and belonging. This power of music and sound is exactly what the Sacred Sound Healing system uses.

The Sacred Sound Healing system comes with four ceremonies and it is recommended that these be listened to in the given chronology, for optimum outcomes. The original audios are 20 minutes long, but there are also concise 10-minute versions available to make it time-effective. The ceremonies are:

Divine Clearing Ceremony:

The Divine Clearing Ceremony is designed to clear energetic blocks or energy trapping obstacles that are counterproductive to your growth and development. This ceremony allows you to become receptive to the process of healing.

The Heart Awakening Ceremony:

The Heart Awakening Ceremony creates an equilibrium of all your innate energies, harmonically in sync with your pure state of being.

The Whole Body Healing ‘Golden Qi’ Ceremony:

The Whole Body Healing ‘Golden Qi’ Ceremony involves digital acupuncture or Qi Gong session, that is structured to be conducive to and encourage the flow of positive energy for health, relaxation, and inner healing at the spirit level.

The Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremony:

The fourth and final, Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremony takes you on a shamanic venture that enables you to gain useful insight into various facets of your life using your spirit guides, identify the imbalances in them, and rectify them accordingly.

And to the user’s surprise, there are two added bonus gifts apart from the three audios, these are:


Miracle Sleep Solution

5-Minute Meditation Series

So it is safe to say that the purpose of the Sacred Sound Healing System (SSHS) is to deliver mental peace and alleviate your stress, not by making unrealistic abstract promises and offering a magical overnight solution, but by providing you with a fresh new perspective that helps you tackle effectively and efficiently with the good, the bad and the ugly that life throws your way.

Having explained what the science behind the sacred sound healing system is, what comes with the program and how the program works, there’s only one question left to answer in the review, and its answer is perhaps the most-awaited and sought after. The question is –

Is the Sacred Sound Healing System worth it?

Based on statistics, the worth of the program can be rationally determined by weighing out its pros and cons. Starting with the pros of the Sacred Sound Healing System:



The audio lengths (of a mere 20 minutes) are extremely accommodative of our day-to-day busy routines and even these 20 minute long audios have concise 10-minute versions, so you don’t have to bulldoze across your daily planners to listen to the audios.


The guided meditation in the Sacred Sound Healing System has struck the perfect speed. Neither does it feel like you are being rushed towards a forced goal nor does it feel like you are barely moving forth, giving your mind to lose the attention span and wander into loops of over-thinking ad stressing. In fact, there is ample time for you to process and comprehend your thoughts, and feelings and analyze the sensations.


The sacred sound healing system website is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate across, even if you are not very savvy. The app too has an extremely user-friendly interface.


The ease of accessibility and the promptness in action is very impressive and easily identifiable.


The 60-day levity to try out the program and get your money back if you think it doesn’t work (highly unlikely), is a testament to the resolve of the Sacred Sound Healing System to first and foremost, deliver user satisfaction.


  • The products are available exclusively online
  • The audio on the tracks is better sounding on earphones as opposed to the main speaker of the device

Clearly, the pros outweigh the cons by a sweep. But are stats enough reason to spend your time and energy on Sacred Sound Healing System?

Think of where you are, think of the person you are, in your relationships, on the professional front, physically, mentally, emotionally, and think of how you tackle the hurdles and obstacles that life throws at you.

Having looked at all these in retrospect, if your answer was yes, if you think you are happy, not just satisfied, but the content and happy with what you visualize, then you don’t need the Sacred Sound Healing System and all that it offers.

But if your answer was no, if visualizing your current position your relationships, in your career, and looking at who you are and how you respond to hardships makes you feel like there is a need for change, there is untapped potential waiting to be discovered and put to use and you feel the urge to bring about the necessary changes, then yes.

Sacred Sound Healing System is almost handcrafted just for you. I say this because this fresh perspective is exactly what the essence and pivot of the Sacred Sound Healing System is…

Sacred Sound Healing System Review FAQs

What is Sacred Sound Healing System?

It’s your ticket to a fresh new perspective, read the article for more information!

Why should I go for this Program?

Because who doesn’t need true relaxation and mental peace? Also, the program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you’ve only got to gain.

What if I don’t Like this Program in the Future?

You get 60-days with money back guaranteed, to try and test the program to your satisfaction!

How can I tell about Sacred Sound Healing System to my friends?

You can share the link to this article with your kith and kin!

How to get a refund for Sacred Sound Healing System?

If you are a customer and you have inquiries about a purchase you made or a charge that you see on your bank statement, you can contact ClickBank’s Customer Support team on this page or call them at 1-800-390-6035 from the US or 1-208-345-4245 from other countries.  

If you have any concerns or need help or want a refund you can email them directly at

CONCLUSION: What’s the verdict For Sacred Sound Healing System [SSHS]?

Listening to those audios is no magic whisper that radically and revolutionarily changes your life and all that comes with it overnight, but having said that – the results of listening to the audios are nothing short of magical, because of how evidently your reactions and responses to your routine obstacles and hurdles change and how you can get more out of the same opportunities you were always faced with, simply because now you have a new outlook and a fresh perspective towards them.

 I have been using the Secret Sound Healing System for all of 7 days, and I tend to usually get stressed out when it comes to meeting deadlines, finishing projects, and achieving my own daily and weekly targets. For the past seven days, I strictly devoted 20 minutes to listen to the Sacred Sound Healing audio right before going to sleep.

And the results have been astounding. I was faced with the same routine obstacles that I usually face in my days, but my perception and response to them were drastically calmer and incredibly more composed.

 I did not expect any radical changes in a matter of mere seven days, but I have to honestly say, I have been able to identify the patterns that I gradually eased out of over the past seven days.

After having used the system for the entirety of the 60 days, you will most certainly find yourself better equipped to deal with obstacles and situations better and more effectively through a calm and composed state of mind.

With an increased number of well-handled problems, you will find yourself with lesser worries and lesser stress. And for the event that you think the Secret Sound Healing System did not work for you, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee!

But one necessary prerequisite is that you regularly listen to the given audios, with your complete and full attention and focus. It is only then that the sounds will be able to pervade to and be comprehended by your subconscious,

The guiding voices in these audios, act as compasses that help you navigate through the clusters of thoughts and responsibilities in your mind, thus helping you reach the stage of true relaxation and respite from the chaos.                                         

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