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Can Sendpulse Be A All In One Marketing Solution For Your Company?

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Sendpulse – All-in-one Marketing Tool


Sendpulse is built to make you more money but…

“The money is in the list”, you must have heard the saying but you must also know this, “The list is useless if no one opens your emails and converts”.

What is the open rate or your emails? 5%? 10%? or more comment below and tell me. Well, whatever it may be Sendpulse is so designed that it gets you the best out of each email sent. If you are struggling with email open rates using Sendpulse will increase your open rates by at least 10%

Let’s begin with this…

What is Sendpulse?

Sendpulse is an email automation software that automizes email marketing for you. The specialty of this software lies in the results this software is going to deliver to your revenue.

It helps you increase your revenue by increasing your email open rates. So what? You might think. If you have done email marketing then you would be knowing the importance of opening the email. If people won’t open your email, how will you sell?

Sendpulse helps you create campaigns that get opened more than any other software. By just using Sendpulse you will have a significant improvement in your open rate.

Here is the link to Sendpulse login, you can begin for FREE and can shift to a plan as you grow.

How Sendpulse works?

Sendpulse is one of the most user-friendly email marketing tools until now. It comes with a lot of sophisticated tools which most email marketing tools do not even offer with their paid plans. Even with its sophisticated tools still, it maintains its user-friendliness.

You start with building your email list by creating your contact form which can either pop-up in front of your visitor or can be present as the contact form on your website.

If you have your email list previously created you can also upload it here and market to them using Sendpulse.

The software has its own AI. This artificial intelligence helps you increase your open rates. It identifies your list see its open rates sample it according to the age, gender, country, mail open time, opening rates, etc. This sampling not just helps you come up with a better strategy but it also helps you increase your revenue.

How to Use Sendpulse?

Using Sendpulse is like using Clickfunnels verified for dummies. If you don’t know already what Clickfunnels is then please check out this post
To use Sendpule you can watch this video below

Sign-up to Sendpulse now for FREE!

More to Sendpulse – Not Just An Email Marketing Software

With this software, you not only just send emails but you can also build sign-up forms, build an email from thousands of templates, enable web push notification and SMS.

It is not just an email marketing software it is a replacement to a whole lot of other software.

Feel free to sign-up to Sendpulse as it’s FREE and worth it.

Sendpulse Features – This Creates the Real Difference

It is a software packed with a lot of features the most important ones are listed below which will certainly help you to get started with your email marketing career if you are a newbie and it will certainly help you grow your revenue if you are a professional.


    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • A large gallery of responsive-layout templates
    • Subscription form generator
    • Personalization
    • A/B testing
    • Email scheduler
    • Resending to unopened
    • Statistics reports
    • Mobile app
    • API
  • Web push notifications
  • Bulk sending of SMS

Sendpulse Pricing

The pricing of Sendpulse is the most affordable in the market. Its prices begin with a FREE forever plan which you can use until you have 2500 subscribers and you can send up to 15000 emails
If you have 5,000,000 emails in your email list then also you can use Sendpulse at a price of $5600 per month and you can send unlimited emails.
But if you don’t have an email list yet you can build one here.

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Conclusion – I Left Mailchimp for Sendpulse

Sendpulse can not only help you with email marketing but with a whole lot of another theme. I personally shifted from Mailchimp to Sendpulse after trying it once.
If you also started using Sendpulse then give me cheers in the comments.
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