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Create and Sell Ebooks Without Typing A Single Word – Sqribble Review


Today I am going to let you know about, how you can publish your own ebooks for FREE and make money with them also I am going to tell you about the way you can create your own ebook without writing a single word! 

Before you start anywhere you must know this.

What is an Ebook?

An ebook is an electric form of a book that can be read from your electronic devices like Phone, computer, tablet, etc.

How You Can Publish Your First Ebook For FREE?

To publish the first book of mine I did not have enough money so I had to self publish it. When I was figuring out about self-publishing I came to know about Amazon Kindle Self-publishing through which I published my first book for FREE.
There are so many self-publishing services other than Amazon, the other best is Rakuten Kobo which is the biggest Japanese Ecom company.

(Don’t want to read all this? Watch this video)


How To Make Money With Ebooks?

To make money with your ebooks, you need to sell them as much as possible and by doing so you will be able to make commissions.

To sell your ebooks you need to create a buzz among your customers.

Entrepreneurs like Russel Brunson and Grant Cardone first sell you with their ebooks to break the spending barrier and then they promote their other high-ticket offers to you.

Selling ebooks can not only be a part of your passion but it can also help you grow your other businesses

Ebooks are usually a part of sales funnel and you can build your sales funnel for free with the 14Days trial of Clickfunnels. Click here to get your trial offer or read Clickfunnels review here.

Now the question which you might be having is how you can write your ebook?

But what if, you can create your ebook without even writing it? Yes, you can I am going to show you…

How To Create an Ebook Without Even Writing A Single Word?

It is hard to believe that anyone can create an ebook without writing a single word, no experience required whatsoever and you can even start with it right away.
Through this way, even a child can write an ebook who don’t even know the language!
So…(drumroll please!) the name of that software is Sqribble

Sqribble is an online ebook building software that can help you build an ebook from scratch within seconds and that too without typing a single word.

You can even create reports and whitepapers with this software if you want to.

Benefits of Using Sqribble

  1. Saves you a lot of time, thinking and writing
  2. No more burning $250 – $650 hiring a freelance writer online.
  3. Saves hours searching for a “good” designer on freelance sites.
  4. You don’t have to wait for 5 – 14 days for the designer to come back only to hate it
  5. No more spending $100 – $500 per design template from a stock website.

Click here to get Sqribble an antidote to the frustration of writing an ebook.

Cons of Sqribble

  1. Only 50 eye-catching designs, but all are customizable, the sky is the limit for you.
  2. Only 15 niches, but all of them guarantees a profit

How You Can Use Sqribble To Make Money?

  1. Ebooks are being mostly sought by businesses to break the spending barrier of customers, if someone once buys from you it is sure that she will buy again from you.
  2. You can start your own ghostwriting service
  3. Publish it on Rakuten Kobo or Amazon Kindle and sell them
  4. Start taking gigs on Fiverr
    (You can hire a web developer or web designer or even a copywriter from Fiverr if you are thinking of starting your own ghostwriting service)


Whatever way you chose to use Sqribbles it will cover all your needs with its engaging content and the eye-catching design of the ebook.

Sqribble is one tool to cover all your ebook needs.

Click here to get Sqribble at a huge discount.

Are you having this thought, “I want to create an ebook without writing”, in your mind? Worry not! We have found a way to help you even do so!

— Review Dunk (@ReviewDunk) August 7, 2019

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