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Should you even consider Starting From Zero’s book by Fred Lam? But before I answer this question you must know this, teaching something which tends to work is a whole lot easier than implementing it on their own. If you are an entrepreneur you must also be approached by a whole lot of “Gurus” in different niches teaching you making millions of dollars by doing this or that. 

Should you even trust them? Well, it’s hard to tell whom should you trust or who should you not (I would suggest doing a bit of research).

Beware of “fake gurus”, hence before we move further with Starting From Zero book by Fred Lam we must know a little bit about its author.

Who is Fred Lam? 

Fred Lam, a media buyer a content creator a business mentor a goal-getter (as his website says) a course creator an author a BMW marketing head at age 20 an ex dishwasher (yes he was as he told in his several interviews).

But should you trust him? Well, it depends on how much he can help you. If you get his book and audiobook Starting From Zero for a $1.99 you will definitely know if he is trustworthy or not.

Is Fred Lam a Serial Entrepreneur or a Serial Course Creator?

Honestly, I don’t know. But all I know is he is someone trying to help people by charging money.

If you are building or intend to build your own Shopify eCommerce store you might consider his book as a beginner’s friendly but, you also keep in mind that his book is the part of his sales funnel where he will upsell and down-sell you with other courses and lessons which are well over $400.

But does this make him a scam? I think there is nothing wrong with upselling or downselling as everyone does it even Amazon does it by showing you products that will suit the best with your purchase.

If you know or heard about Dan Lok he does the same with his High Ticket Closing program which will ultimately end up costing you around $8000.

The problem is not in the upsell or down-sell as it is totally a choice of the customer to buy or not no one is forcing you to buy from them its totally a choice.

But, if someone is forcing you for something you can consider it as a scam. Just keep your eyes open.

Why Everyone Nowadays is Creating Courses?

Since the arrival of the internet, the education industry has boomed to become $1350 billion industry and its growing and growing till 2026 it is expected to be a $2040 billion industry.



As I have told you in the very first paragraph it is easy to teach then to implement that’s why there are many scammers present in the market who charges a lot but gives you no value at all. 

Is Fred Lam A Scam?

To answer this question I would like to show you a video interview of him with Grant Cardone which you can watch and decide for yourself. 


After watching that video what do you think of him? Still not sure about him? Now, I want you to just watch this interview of Fred Lam with Ritoban founder and CEO of Flying Start Online



Now, what do you think of Fred Lam? Hopefully, you would have also understood about his business practices and the way he does business.

So, is he a scam? I think he is not but you tell me your opinion through the comments.

Coming back to the book he has written starting from zero…

What is Starting From Zero?

It is a book/audiobook written by Fred Lam. It is all about how you can build a profitable Shopify Dropshipping business.
The book contains the 5 secret formulas which Fred has used over the years to generate millions of dollars in revenue. 
The sad part is that you will not get everything in this book. It is very much a beginner-friendly book but it will help you get your first sale.



Must Read

Is Starting From Zero Legit?

Honestly, claiming it as legit or fake is all dependent on the amount of information you get out of the book. As the book only costs $1.99 hence you cannot expect that the book will teach you everything. 
If you are a beginner and have just started your e-commerce store then you must go for it it will be worth the buy. This book will help you get your first sales and hence will keep you motivated.
In my point of view, the book is legit as you are going to receive what you are paying for. 
Further Starting From Zero is a Clickbank certified product which means it is 100% legit as Clickbank itself certified it.
This means that the Starting From Zero Book is legit and for $1.99 you can get the book as well as its audiobook.


Should You Buy Starting From Zero by Fred Lam?

May be maybe not it all depends on what you want, if you really want to learn from Fred Lam then go ahead and buy this book but if you are not willing to learn from him then don’t buy it.

This $1.99 of investment is very much a beginner-friendly look to e-commerce. If you are not a beginner in Shopify then don’t go for it.

But if you haven’t yet had a sale on Shopify then go and get your copy and the audiobook of Starting From Zero now.

Can you get disappointed if you buy this? Hold on I have got the answer to that as well.

Cons of Buying Starting From Zero 

Yes, buying this can make you disappointed as this book is the beginning of Fred Lam’s sales funnel which will ultimately end you costing $400+ and a monthly subscription of $79.

I feel there is nothing wrong with that as he doesn’t force you to buy anything its completely dependent on you.

If someone has something better to offer then they certainly charge more money and deliver the value. By the way, his sales funnel looks something like this

Starting From Zero
Starting From Zero Funnel

As you can see through the above infographic the sales funnel Fred Lam has created around his book Starting From Zero.

It’s just $1.99 you are going to get a book written and read by Fred Lam himself. Do you guys know Robert Kiyosaki wrote the foreword of the book? As he himself believes in the process shown in the book.

Frankly, for just $1.99 I consider it as a great deal you can decide if you want the same life you are living or you want to change it. If you were waiting for a sign then this is it


For the price of a Starbucks coffee, you are getting a chance to change your life with e-commerce its your choice either you take it or leave it.

This book would be enough for you to help you grow from zero as by following the content in this book you will be able to generate your first few sales.

Comment below and tell me how Starting From Zero helped you?

If you are having a hard time researching for the perfect product you must read this.


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