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TeePublic Reviews – For T-shirt Buyers & T-shirt designers

Teepublic Review


Although, Teepublic is popular still most people don’t know about it. If you are someone who intends to buy something from Teepublic then this Teepublic Review blog post is for you, if you are a designer wanting to make some money on the side then this blog post is for you as well.

From, “What is Teepublic?” to “How to Promote Your Listing As a Designer on Teepublic?” this blog post covers it all.

This blog post starts with a buyers perspective and ends with a designers perspective, everything is covered in here, after reading this blog there will be no need to read any other post about the subject.

Let’s begin with a short intro…


What is Teepublic?

Teepublic is a print-on-demand website with over 75+ products to chose from. Even having many counterparts in the market, Teepublic manages to have a fair share of it, with over 6 million visitors each month it is one of the most popular print-on-demand websites in the United States.

Have a look what Shazia has to say about Teepublic

Teepublic is best for gaming, superhero, horror, tv shows stuff! –Shazia Mahsud

Time to understand its working!

How does Teepublic works?

Just like any other print-on-demand website Teepublic has a similar functioning…

You as a designer creates a design that is to be printed on a Tshirt (say) if someone orders it you as a designer gets your profits and the rest from printing to shipping is taken care of by Teepublic.

Here is an infographic explaining the whole process.

Working of Teepublic

List of  Products Offered By Teepublic

With over 75 plus products the most common products that you will find on Teepublic are shown in the infographic below

Teepublic Products
Credits: Teepublic

Tshirts are the most common of all the products available on Teepublic.

If you are a buyer you can buy the products selected by the designer for their listing.

If you are a designer you can print on any of the 75+ products. Choosing products totally depends on you.

Any Downside of Teepublic? (buyers perspective)

Before you start questioning Teepublic with your skeptical minds I would like to STOP you by letting you know that, no product or service ever created has been perfect.


Throughout my research/experiences, I found people rarely complaining about the wrong product being delivered to them another disadvantage which you would like to point to is that it does not have any contact details where you can directly call their customer executive.


But, that’s not a big problem as they have their email and chat option available for a specific period on weekdays (you will find more about contacting Teepublic below)

Keep reading, you are also going to learn how you can start your own print-on-demand business with Teepublic with little to no money.

Is Teepublic Legit? (buyers perspective)

Before I begin explaining why Teepublic is legit…blah blah… you must check what it is all about, with over 4.2 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, Teepublic looks legit.

But that’s not enough, right? Let’s have a look what others have to say about Teepublic

The quality of their products are really good! – Sammie (A buyer/Teepublic Designer)

Now, what would you like to say about it? Should Teepublic be trusted or not? Is it safe or not? All such questions have one answer 9 million+ people trust Teepublic with buying and selling artworks they cannot be wrong.

With that fact in mind, I would also like to point your attention towards the period it has been in the industry, it was founded in the year 2013 it has been in business for 6+ years if now you don’t trust it I don’t know what you would.

They have 125k+ Instagram followers with a verified blue batch on their account.

Payment Methods To Buy any Design with Teepublic?

To buy a design on Teepublic you can use your credit card or Paypal.

There are a lot of ways you can buy a designer product from Teepublic.

Teepublic Phone number

Even after a lot of research, I didn’t find its phone number but if you like a buyer have any issue with your orders etc then you can Live chat with Teepublic only on weekdays between 10 am-6 pm EST or email them at help@teepublic.com

Will Teepublic Help You? (buyers perspective)

Certainly, it will have a look what Shazia says about Teepublic


Teepublic is best for gaming, super hero, horror, tv shows stuff!
Shazia Mahsud

So if you are a fan of gaming, superhero, horror, TV shows artworks go ahead Teepublic is the best place for you to buy.

How to Start a Print-on-demand Business with Teepublic?

Before beginning, you have to be clear about your goals like, “what you want?” and “how you want?”

For example: If you want to have $100 in profits, you would need to sell 10 Tshirts or any other product which you like (assuming you $10/tshirt sold).

As you have the clarity and now you would want to plan definitive ways to turn this goal into reality for that you will have to decide the “HOW”, and the remaining blog post will explain you find the “HOW”

The Two Ways of Making Money With Any Print-on-Demand

  1. Sell What’s Trending and In Demand: This not just means you may go to google and start finding the trends but it also means you have to find the niche in which you are going to sell your designs.

    For example: If you go to Google Trends and finds a Quarantine t-shirt is trending then you may create a design related to that and sell it. Finding an accurate trend would put you in front of more customers that too with no marketing. If you are really serious about print-on-demand I would recommend you going with Vexels.

    Here at Vexels, you will find thousands of trendy designs and artworks on almost every niche you may want, by clicking here you will get an exclusive 25% OFF on your annual purchase.

    Remember Vexels will not only save your time but it also almost guarantees sales because the designs are well researched and created by keeping the targeted people in mind.

  2. Sell Festival Clothing:
    As Labour Day is coming, most people would have started their Labour Day shopping and this is the best time for you to sell your Labour Day artworks to the people on over 25 products available on Teepublic.

    If you want to sell for Festivals I have two tools for you and both will save you a lot of time researching and designing. The first tool which I have for you is again Vexels, as it has everything you will need to start your print-on-demand business (only if you are dead serious about it).

    If you have Zero designing knowledge it has thousands of print-ready designs. If you are a designer it has thousands of editable graphics and fonts related to every niche.

    Go ahead sign-up for Vexels, there is everything to gain nothing to lose.

    The second tool will again save you time on researching and designing artwork. This tool is called as Designious.

    With over 2500+ print-ready designs and weekly updates, you can create a huge impact in your niche not only that if you are a designer you will get their thousands of editable graphics Designiouscan help you dominate your niche.

These were the two ways that you can make money with not just Teepublic but with any print-on-demand platform.

The great news is you can also combine both the ways above.

For example, An artwork in which a Quarantine During Labour day, this would align with both audiences and can make you a fortune.

The better you will be able to know about people’s needs with that creating an emotion shaking artwork related to that need the better you will sell (I urge you to make something which shakes emotions as emotions lead to selling).

As now you know the way to make money with Teepublic, now let us begin in more detail about creating a design and getting your first sale.

5 Step Formula to Create Your First Teepublic Campaign (With a Bonus Tip For Rapid Growth)

If you have now decided your niche these are the steps you need to follow to create your first listing a success

  1. Creating a Design

    If you have decided your niche this is the most important step that you need to take, your design should be something which people like. Do proper research before creating any sort of design.

    If you are not able to create your design and do proper research about it, you can use print-ready designs from websites like Vexels and Designious (make sure you get the commercial license for the designs from this website, otherwise you can end up in a legal issue).

    Important points to keep in mind about the designs

    • The size of the design should be 5000px X 5000px, this will make your design fit to all products offered by Teepublic.
    •  Make sure the pixels of your design is crystal clear (2040px recommended), better quality means better print. I know you would not want to compromise with quality.
    • The file should be PNG with transparent background, until and unless the background is needed.
  2. Uploading Your Design on Teepublic

    This step is very easy you just need to select your design from your PC and upload it on the dashboard.

    You can also bulk upload your designs if you want to create many listings with few clicks.

  3. Selecting Products

    This step totally depends on your research, knowing what is being sold will help you chose only those products which are being sold.

    Don’t sell the products you like, sell what your customers would like.

  4. Writing SEO Friendly Description and Tags For Your Design

    If your design is about Santa that’s your main keyword, include this keyword in your product description. For better results include related keywords as well as quarantine labor day etc.

    Also, include your product name if you are selling a single product for a particular design, for example, Quarantine Labor Day Tshirt

  5. Publish It

    Now is the time to publish your first listing on Teepublic, but before you go ahead and publish don’t forget to choose the right color for the products you intend to sell.

    Chose a color which is in demand, for Christmas chose a red color for your product and you can also include the colors of your choice.

  6. Bonus tip

    Let Teepublic do its magical SEO, but if you can’t wait to have the magic happen.

    Use Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat advertisements to drive traffic to your listing.

    Marketing is important until you are not having the traffic for your listing.

    Also, you can use social media to drive traffic naturally.

    Use this tool called Placeit, if you have zero marketing knowledge you will be glad to know that videos convert the best. Placeit creates video mockups for your listing NOT JUST NORMAL TSHIRT WITH AN HANGER MOCKUP, it creates a video mockup of a real person wearing and moving with your design on his/her shirt.

    Guess what?

    This happens with a single click of a button. Don’t forget to check out Placeit if you are planning to market your listing.

    Keep reading and I will show you how to effectively promote your listing.

By exactly following the above steps you can rest assured about the sales, now all you need to is verify your Paypal email with Teepublic so that you can receive your juicy profits, isn’t it easy?

How Will You Get Paid As Designer?

There are two ways to get paid via Teepublic as a designer
  1. PayPal

    There are over 170 countries that support PayPal but if your country doesn’t, don’t panic, Teepublic will pay you through Payoneer.

  2. Payoneer

    There are some countries which do not support Paypal but support Payoneer (eg. Pakistan), this makes sure you will be paid from wherever you are.

Their payment system is good the pay you at the end of month exactly on time.
Shazia Mahsud

How To Effectively Promote Your Teepublic Listing? (FREE ways Included)

Promotion is important if you really want to see massive growth in your print-on-demand business

  1. Use Exact Description and Tags (SEO)

    The description you write must be similar to the design you create. Every design has the main character, use that main character as your main keyword. Just follow the examples given above.

    If you will do this properly for a popular term you can rank high on search engines for that term and hence you have a greater chance to sell.

  2. Advertise on Facebook (Included Tool will shock you!)

    Facebook ads are ever-changing mist the one way to pioneer it is through video ads. The better the video the better will be your conversion rate.

    Creating a video is hard and time-consuming, I would recommend you using the tool called Placeit which help you create beautiful video mockups for your designs this happens in few clicks.

  3. Be active on Reddit

    Reddit is very good at spotting marketers and self-promoters and banning them before you go out on Reddit and rage riots of your listing there you need to know few things about Reddit.

    First, you need to participate in the community at least for a few months continuously then and only then you can post your listing now and then on the communities.

    While promoting your listing on Reddit, say something like “Look what I have found!” NOT “I have created a listing go buy it”.

    If you will treat Reddit as a community, you will be able to see good results, DO NOT MAKE A MISTAKE OF THINKING REDDIT AS PROMOTIONAL PLATFORM.

    Have a look at this Guidelines page on Reddit it is filled with wit and humor

    Teepublic Guidelines
    Credits: Reddit
  4. Promote On Youtube

    As I have already explained to you about the creation of video with Placeit promoting on Youtube would not be a problem anymore for you.

    If you are thinking about creating ads on Youtube I would highly recommend using Placeit for your videos (you can skip it if you have a better option).

    Sounds like a lot of work? Want to use Youtube to make huge sums without even creating a video or marketing or a website? Check out Youtube Secrets, I have written a review on it which you can read here

  5. Leverage Social Media

    Using social media is hard if you are starting from zero. I would suggest two platforms that you can use to grow your customer base.

    Facebook and Instagram both are perfect for selling print-on-demand products. The only key to growth in any social media is continuous efforts for a long time.

    For the growth on Instagram and Facebook, you need to use proper hashtags and post as many times as possible daily.

    I have found that bringing in external customers is very important i.e; by self promotion on social media.
    Shazia Mahsud

  6. Bonus Tip

    Giveaway some of your products to people and ask them to promote it for you, the more people will do it for you the more you will sell.

So, these were the ways through which you can promote your listing, the only advice I would like to give you is that, don’t try everything at once, start one step at a time.

Now, let’s look if there is anything wrong with Teepublic.

Any Downside of Teepublic? (designers perspective)

But before you start questioning Teepublic with your skeptical minds I would like to STOP you by letting you know that, no or service ever created has been perfect.


  1. Your profits depend on customers, not you
    I know I said your profits are in your hands but forget it for a while and realize that for a simple graphic printed Tshirt you may not want to charge $100 (unless you are a brand like Gucci or Prada).

    But if your design is complex and in-demand you can charge whatever you want, you will get the sales as long as you continue to shake emotions through your designs.

  2.  Old school UI
    I know this would not be a big problem for most of you if you see the pros it is giving you. The biggest reason to still work on it is its SEO. If you would have proper SEO of your listing you will sell without any efforts in the marketing.

There is no other downside to Teepublic according to my experiences. If you believe in marketing your designs via Facebook ads or any other kind of advertisement it will help you even with that.

Keep reading, you are also going to learn how to start your own print-on-demand business with Teepublic with little to no money.

Is Teepublic Legit? (designers perspective)

Before I begin explaining why Teepublic is legit…blah blah… you must check what one of its designers is saying about it

One of the best places to give your artworks to and make quite a decent amount of money. –Saurav Vyas (a Teepublic creator)

Now, what would you like to say about it? Should Teepublic be trusted or not? Is it safe or not? All such questions have one answer 6 million-plus people trust Teepublic with buying and selling their artworks they cannot be wrong.

With that fact in mind, I would also like to point your attention towards the period it has been in the industry, it was founded in the year 2013 it has been in business for 6+ years if now you don’t trust it I don’t know what you would.

Go ahead check their website and get ready to sell your first art!



What is Teepublic?

Teepublic is a print on demand website that helps you buy and create designer T-shirt.

How good is Teepublic?

Teepublic has wide range of products from masks to T-shirts. You can choose from any of 1000s of amazing designs created by individual creators.

How good are Teepublic Tshirts?

It is as good as it looks, fits well but sometimes size can matter. 
If you are an independent creator you can too create t-shirts without worrying about the quality.

How does Teepublic work?

1.Upload Beautiful Design.
2.Let Public Do SEO.
3.They Like it and Buy it.
4.They Handle Printing.
5.They Handle Shipping.
6.You Get Paid.
Click here for detailed information.

Who owns Teepublic?

It is now owned by Red Bubble

Can we trust Teepublic?

It has been in business for 10 years now as of 2020, so you can obviously trust it.

Where does Teepublic Ship from?

It ships from US (United States).

Why is Teepublic shipping so Expensive?

That’s an answer we cannot give you but we can guess they did not partnered the right folks.

Teepublic is Present in which Country?

It’s products are available all over the world but a large part of its revenue Comes from the US (United States) and Canada.

How does Teepublic pay?

If you are an independent creator you can accept the payments from Teepublic via PayPal or Payoneer whichever you prefer to choose.

How does Teepublic accept Payment?

It accepts from credit cards to PayPal to wire transfer whatever you choose.

Conclusion – In A Nutshell

Print-on-demand with Teepublic is the easiest business to start with considering if you use proper tools for all the purposes.

Use Vexels or Designious for your designs, use Placeit for your video mockups for marketing.

Proper tools will make you grow exponentially not just on Teepublic but also on any other platform.

A final suggestion – Don’t Give Up If You Get Started

So, tell me how do you feel the Idea of selling through Teepublic?

Recommended for your next: How to create & sell ebooks without even Typing a single word? One last suggestion, if you really want to get rich with print-on-demand you will need to scale your business, and here is the Class for you.



Easy to Use


Beginner Friendly


Cost Effecient


Easy Making Money



  • Good Quality Products
  • Hastle Free Printing
  • Hastle Free Shipping
  • They Manage SEO
  • You Get Paid


  • Unavailability of Customer Service
  • Profits are Dependent on Customers
  • Old School UI

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