Welcome to our in-depth 432 Code review, your go-to source for insights and information about this groundbreaking program. If you’ve been searching for ways to manifest abundance, happiness, and financial success in your life, you may have stumbled upon The 432 Code.

But, with so many manifestation techniques available today, you’re probably wondering if this program lives up to the hype. In this review, we’ll dive into the details of The 432 Code, explore its unique features, and help you decide if it’s the right fit for your personal growth journey.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore the world of harmonic frequencies as we uncover the secrets behind The 432 Code.

The 432 Code Review Summary


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Helps in abundance
  • Helps in money manifestation
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep and energy
  • Emotional healing


  • Not available on Amazon or any other offline store
  • Only available online on the official website
  • Pricier than many alternatives

Bottom line

We found The 432 Code to be more effective than what we expected upon first viewing the company website. Like many manifestation programs, it also claims to support the manifestation of abundance. After analyzing the claims I can confirm that it actually works. You can buy the 432 Code now if you can afford to foot the bill.

What is The 432 Code?

The 432 Code is a video activation manifestation program that engages with magical ancient music and light. It enables you to access power by unlocking the blockages in your belief system. 

The 432 Code Bundle

I am a person that strongly believes that our surroundings define us as a person. The people we meet, the food we eat, and the places we visit. It all says a lot about us as an individual.

But did we ever think about what is stopping us from reaching abundance? Does my job really offer me growth?

The answer lies within ourselves. Sometimes it’s a yes, sometimes a no. 

I’m sure you have heard that a person’s music choices can describe their entire personality. But how is it possible? 

Think of it this way – Would you enjoy a party where you listen to songs that have low vibration or sad lyrics? No right? What if I tell you we have been controlled by certain low vibrations that make us believe that only “enough” is good to make a living? How do some people succeed overnight while others can’t?

If you have tried many manifestation techniques and affirmations but nothing worked out for you then you are at the right place.

The creator brings you a way to get into high vibration so you can manifest your ideal reality. Manifesting Money? Done! Manifesting Happiness? Done!

With the right intentions, you can eliminate your stress and financial issues by just sitting back and listening to the audio track. 

Who is the Creator?

The 432 Code was created by John Bass. He’s a musician, sound engineer, and researcher of our history. He’s helped some of the most successful people including CEOs, artists, musicians, and athletes by sound healing and hypnosis

The 432 Code Review [2023]: Sound Healing or Trap?

John Bass spoke about his life before discovering The 432 Code. He said how he was unhappy to wake up, work for a job that paid him a little over minimum wage, go home, shower, rest and repeat.

He was living in this loop because his father had a “Blue Collar” job, spending all of his adult life in the airport. He was trapped in this vicious cycle.

However, one day when he was talking about his boss to his father and how he wrote him up for being 2 minutes late when he wasn’t even on a break.

His father paused for a second, and confessed “John, you just put one shoe in front of the other and keep going… and before you know it, you’re retired like me.” 

That moment he realized that he had to break that vicious cycle. He joined two Australian adventurers driving across the continent. As it turns out, their next stop was Cape York.

When they arrived there, The locals invited them to “The Moonlight Ceremony”. The steady beats played by the locals were relaxing and made him go into a trance state. Up to this point in life, He didn’t have a significant connection to music.

But, then he felt and saw my heart connecting with what he can only describe as… a PURE HARMONIC SOUND VIBRATION – what he now recognizes as “The Code.”

How Does The 432 Code Work?

Simply pressing the play button on your device allows the magic to unfold. Beautiful harmonic number frequencies will surround you right away. 

Sound, light and quantum waves are used to create holy sequences employing harmonic numbers with direct intuitive instruction from the universe. And these sequences are calledThe Harmonic Keys.  The code eliminates any indications of shortage in a seemingly instantaneous action. 

The Harmonic Keys are experienced as stunning geometric light shapes and music as you attune to each activation. It is a kinder, safer, and more complete experience. The Harmonic Keys activate a different aspect of your soul’s design throughout every voyage. 

The “real self” has access to “unlimited abundance.” 432 Hz is a strong frequency by science and nature and should serve as the foundation for tuning instruments. 

The frequency helps with meditation and ensures the brain is tuned to a person’s overall well-being for an elevated well-being rate.

What do you discover with the 432 Code?

The Harmonic Keys utilize the processes, but they are far more potent. The code awakens your soul’s DNA blueprint and acts on all levels of your being, including the mind, neurological, and energy systems. 

Spiritual patterns

They remove limiting ideas and replace them with empowering ones, as each Key operates on several levels. They are : 

  • The Mind [New Neural Pathways]: 

When playing and listening at 432 Hz, people experience a greater sense of peace, happiness, and relaxation. It is more ear-friendly to listen to music tuned to 432 Hz since it connects listeners to the harmony of the universe and has a pleasant impact on both the mind and body. In other words, 432 Hz music would induce a state of calm and contentment. According to theory, the most helpful music for people is set to the scientific frequency of 432 Hz since it relieves emotional blockages.

  • The Nervous System [Stress Vanishes from your life]:

Preoperative anxiety can be effectively reduced by 432 Hz music. It has been discovered that the 432 Hz was more successful in lowering anxiousness. Investigations have shown that 432 Hz music can lower heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital markers, including dental anxiety.

Chakra patterns
  • The Subtle Energy System [Energy blocks clear]

This potent meditation music uses the 432 Hz healing frequencies to erase all blocks and negativity. It also aids in removing energy, negativity, and fear from the subconscious. The frequency will resound inside a person’s body, clearing any emotional blockages and aligning them with the heartbeat of the cosmos.

  • The DNA level [Your soul gifts, talents, and purpose are unwrapped]: 

At most, a 432 is bio-neutral, and when used purposefully, it is often regarded as bio energetically beneficial or therapeutic. Although it is not thought to be “transformational,” meditation music at 432 Hz is undoubtedly calming and soothing, and transformative actions are what we so sorely need to intervene in our society’s current course.

How to use the 432 Code?

If you have used affirmations, The Code is 1,000,000 times more effective than affirmations. When you hear the activation for the first time, you will shift right away. As limiting ideas vanish, you will notice a significant improvement in your thought and vibration. 

Each day, spend 10 to 15 minutes listening and watching; it feels like a new birth. You experience the harmonic keys as music and a lovely geometric light shape as you attune to each activation.

As it works on your beliefs, by staying in the high vibration you can now manifest abundance and happiness in your own reality. Your financial troubles will end as soon as you continue to listen to the Instant Harmonic Balance course, beginning within the first week. 

Once you have achieved balance, you will proceed to the Superabundance Money Activation Series, where you will experience a limitless vibration of money and never again have to worry about money.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Helps in vanishing your limiting beliefs
  • Keeps you in high vibration
  • Helps in abundance
  • Manifests your dream reality.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Signs and synchronicities appear.
  • Your sleep and energy levels improve.
  • ​You feel more motivated and inspired.
  • ​Anxiety fades away as you feel more focused and confident.

Cons : 

  • It is only available online.
  • You can only access it through their own website
  • It is not available on other platforms.

What Do You Get with the 432 Code Program?

Upon unlocking The 432 Code you get access to – 

  1. The Instant Harmonic Activation series:

This set of 5 sound and light journeys is designed to QUICKLY re-tune you to your… 


If you’re struggling with debt or covering your bills… This series shifts you from “negative financial flow” to “cash positive.”

A financial balance where all your bills are taken care of, plus a little extra for fun! All money worries fade away… 

And it all happens to start in the next 7-days

This means by the next time your bills are due, your financial situation will have positively shifted.

“The Code” raises your financial vibration to what I call “Instant Harmonic Balance.” 

A state where you ALWAYS have enough.

The 432 Code Review [2023]: Sound Healing or Trap?
  1. The SuperAbundance Money Activation Series: 

These 8 additional sound and light journeys harness my most advanced harmonic keys…

They’re designed to take you from a “comfortable life” to a life of total FREEDOM. 

A life where your bills are paid…

… AND you have enough to manifest your heart’s desires effortlessly.

You’ll use the Superabundance Money Activation Series to shift your vibration to the place where you NEVER have to worry about money again. REAL financial freedom.

The 432 Code Review [2023]: Sound Healing or Trap?
  1. The Soul Generator : 

Where The 432 Code activates the “true you”… The Soul Vision Generator allows you to understand exactly what’s been activated. 

Just answer a few easy fill-in-the-blank questions and click “Submit.” Using a series of 8 Universal number formulas. 

Your Soul Blueprint is revealed. Instantly discover:

  • Hidden soul gifts, 
  • Talents, 
  • ​Personality traits,
  • ​Life challenges 
  • ​Your one true purpose. 

When you understand WHO you are on a soul level, you manifest in alignment. And everything manifests quicker, easier, and more naturally.

  1. The Soul Vision Activator : 

The Activator contains 5 sound journeys composed with brand-new Harmonic Keys. These journeys work on multiple levels to fully “turn on” the “Soul Superpowers” you discovered from the Generator.

You can think of the Soul Vision Activator as an extension of The 432 Code.

  1. The 432 Code “Easy-Play Portal” : 

In addition to the main private membership site, we’ve created a separate “Easy-Play Web Portal” so you EASILY enjoy it on your tablet or cell phone.

Just log in and “push play” to listen solo with headphones in bed, while on a walk, or during your morning meditation. Or, how about inviting over your favorite soul family for an unforgettable group immersion experience?

Just connect your mobile device or laptop to your entertainment system and click “play” to surround the room in a healing symphony of Harmonic Keys. 

The 432 Code Easy-Play Portal makes it easy to share the magical vibes – perfect for yoga classes, meditation meetups, and even at-home get-togethers with friends.

At the price of just $43.20, everyone will be amazed and forever transformed.

Conclusion: Should You Buy the 432 Code?

It fulfills the promises made by the creator. Upon learning about The 432 Code, I could relate to the creator when he says he doesn’t just wanna work all his life and expects to rest after his 40s. He wanted to live NOW. 

A lot of us are also in a time loop and we sometimes don’t even realize it. But now it’s time we unlock our potential and give a chance to the CODE. 

It comes in at a fair price, at just $43.20. Also comes with 3 gifts that are worth up to $284.00.

It also comes with a money-back guarantee so you can easily get your refund if it doesn’t work for you. No questions asked. 

The 432 Code Review Faqs: 

What is The 432 Code?

The 432 Code is a video activation manifestation program that engages with magical ancient music and light.

How exactly does The 432 Code work?

It works with the help of harmonic keys and music in 432hz.

How fast will I experience results?

The first time you listen to this, you’ll shift immediately. It’ll take you at least 7 days to see results.

What if it doesn’t work?

It comes with a money-back guarantee so you can use it without any hesitation. If it doesn’t work for you just claim your money back!

Can I access it for free?

Since it is specifically designed for music, it is quite hard to find it for free. By purchasing, you can trust the website and not worry about anything.

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