The Wealth Rhythm Code claims to be a revolutionary audio program that can activate your “wealth rhythm” – an inner biorhythm that supposedly makes attracting money and abundance effortless.

This lengthy review will cover everything you need to know about the Wealth Rhythm Code before you decide to buy it.

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I’ve dug deep into this unusual system, so read on for the unbiased truth.

What is The Wealth Rhythm Code?

The Wealth Rhythm Code is an audio program developed by Dr. Joe Vitale, a self-proclaimed personal development expert and author.


It works on the premise that everyone has an innate “wealth rhythm” inside them. This wealth rhythm is a biorhythm generated by the pineal gland in your brain. When it’s activated through specific sound frequencies, it supposedly puts you in sync with attracting money and abundance.

So the core of the program is a 7-minute audio track with wealth-attracting binaural beats. Listening daily claims to awaken your wealth rhythm so that manifesting money becomes effortless.

Who Created The Wealth Rhythm Code?

The Wealth Rhythm Code was created by Dr. Joe Vitale in collaboration with two others named Mike Callen and Dr. Howard Hill.

Dr. Vitale is a well-known figure in the self-help space. He authored the bestseller The Attractor Factor and was featured in the cult classic film The Secret. He has over 3 decades of experience researching metaphysics and manifestation.

However, there is little verifiable information I could find on Mike Callen or Dr. Howard Hill.

The origins of the wealth rhythm theory remain questionable, which I’ll analyze next. But Dr. Vitale himself seems reputable.

Critical Analysis of The Sales Page

Now let’s scrutinize some of the core claims made throughout the Wealth Rhythm Code sales page:

The Underground Secret Experiment Claims

The page starts off describing an “underground, secret experiment funded by millionaires and billionaires”.

It tries to give the impression that the wealth rhythm technology was developed covertly by elite scientists and secretly tested to manifest vast riches.

But there is no evidence outside the sales page supporting these stories. No specifics about the experiment like location, scientists identities, or research papers are provided.

This sounds more like clever marketing fiction rather than fact. Creating an air of secrecy and exclusivity is a common tactic used to make programs like this appear special.

While it does capture attention initially, such tactics should raise skepticism rather than acceptance.

Claims About The Pineal Gland & Generational Genetics

The page also asserts that the pineal gland generates your wealth rhythm. And underperforming pineal glands incapable of producing strong wealth rhythms were passed down genetically by your ancestors.

There are a few facts mixed with fiction here.

  • It’s true that the pineal gland is a tiny, important gland in the brain that produces melatonin and regulates sleep and wake cycles. But whether it creates wealth-attracting vibrations is complete speculation.
  • Generational genetics – aka epigenetics – is a real emerging science about inherited adaptations. However, there’s zero evidence financial traits can be passed on genetically.

So the pseudo-scientific explanations for why the wealth rhythm theory works should elicit some healthy skepticism.

Although, there are some Wealth Rhythm Code reviews are extremely postive like this one.

Reasonable Pricing, But Upsells Likely

One positive thing is the core Wealth Rhythm Code program is reasonably priced at $37. And Dr. Vitale says he earns no profit from sales.

However, notice the section below showing $291 worth of bonuses included. This seems designed to disguise potential upsells after purchase.

So while $37 isn’t much money, customers should be prepared to receive follow-up offers for more expensive coaching or training that promise to “amplify” results.

What Do You Get With The Wealth Rhythm Code?

The sales page states the Wealth Rhythm Code program includes the following:

  • The 7-Minute Wealth Rhythm Audio – The core of the program is this wealth-manifesting binaural beats audio. It contains two sound frequencies tuned to stimulate pineal gland vibrations.
  • Wealth Mastery Blueprint – Report helping you manage and leverage wealth manifested by your wealth rhythm. Valued at $97.
  • Millionaire Formula – Training on how to turn initial wealth into perpetual abundance and long term success. Valued at $67.
  • Power Pay Protocol – Instructions for negotiating salary increases and securing higher income. Valued at $127.

So in total you receive 4 products focused on activating, maximizing, and maintaining wealth. For $37 that seems fair value if the main audio genuinely works.

But remember, their likely motivation is to upsell higher-priced coaching programs. So recognize the risk that this is just a “hook” product designed primarily to get buyers invested in more expensive stuff. Caveat emptor.

Does The Wealth Rhythm Code Actually Work?

Now for the million-dollar question:

Can this audio program genuinely stimulate an innate wealth rhythm and help manifest real riches?

Based on the questionable scientific claims and lack of proof, serious doubts exist on its efficacy.

We have only the assurances of Dr. Vitale and a few affiliate testimonials. Third-party research verifying wealth frequencies or rhythms could not be found.

And while binaural beats can beneficially influence mood and focus, their effects are subtle and temporary. Becoming suddenly richer from passively listening seems a tall order.

Perhaps most tellingly – if activating this wealth rhythm was so easy, why would anyone share the secret? The ultra-wealthy got that way by carefully guarding competitive advantages allowing them to amass fortunes, not handing them out to the masses.

So, unfortunately, the logical conclusion based on impartial analysis is the Wealth Rhythm Code likely does not work as fantastically described.

Might it provide some benefit just from placebo and positive thinking aspects? Sure, that’s quite possible.

But achieving true wealth probably requires more strategic action than just listening passively to an audio track for 7 minutes daily.

Is The Wealth Rhythm Code Worth Purchasing?

Assuming you understand the reasoned skepticism outlined above, is obtaining the Wealth Rhythm Code still a smart purchase?

If approached realistically, with appropriate expectations, it might be.

$37 is reasonable for 4 self-help products on manifesting more wealth. Few would be seriously financially harmed if it fails to work miracles as promoted.

Provided customers are aware they are being primed to purchase upsells, and steer clear of overspending on magical-thinking coaching programs, little is risked financially.

With a 365-day money-back guarantee, Dr. Vitale does permit a lengthy risk-free trial.

Just don’t anticipate the tracks alone manifesting untold riches without effort. Magic has never been real, unfortunately.

Potential Downsides To Consider

While the small initial investment seems low risk, potential downsides of purchasing still exist:

  • You’ll need discipline to avoid overspending on upsells. Overzealous customers have wasted huge sums chasing pie-in-the-sky dreams sold through misleading promises. Don’t become one of them.
  • There is a time cost. The tracks require active listening for 7 minutes daily. And additional training may consume hours with no financial return.
  • It could reduce motivation for proven wealth-building strategies. Passively waiting to manifest abundance rarely works out, without work and smart planning.

So while $37 alone has little downside, be very wary of funneling more money or time into a program unlikely to transform finances miraculously through minimal effort.

Guard time and money to instead pursue reasonable, strategic goals backed by science and logic. No substitute for sensibly directed work exists in the real world.

Final Verdict – Is The Wealth Rhythm Code a Scam?

The Wealth Rhythm Code makes bold claims about being an almost effortless path to riches by awakening your innate money magnetism through sound and vibration.

Does it genuinely work as described? Unfortunately, almost certainly NOT.

Lack of proof, sensational claims Playing on speculation rather than logic, and affiliates being compensated to hype miracles are revealing clues.


As long as folks understand binaural audio alone won’t replace purposeful effort and smart planning, $37 is a small, relatively low-risk purchase. Just don’t get suckered into costly upsells.

So while the Wealth Rhythm Code itself is not an outright scam in my qualified opinion, it tows the ethical line between puffery and overpromising.

Use rational skepticism rather than belief if trying it out, and avoid overspending on magical thinking coaching that attempts to treat $37 like a low-cost trial for a $1000+ mentorship.

If expectations are kept realistic and guarded against the start, responsible folks likely won’t get hurt financially from the core Wealth Rhythm Code’s invitation to “give it a try”. Just don’t go overboard chasing rainbows.

In the end as always, caveat emptor friends. Self-responsibility and critical thinking remain the best policy.

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