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Wealth Switch Review: The Device Of Ultimate Manifestation Or Mere Delusion?

Wealth Switch
Wealth Switch Program

Wealth Switch has been meticulously designed to let people struggling with the financial crisis get a life of utmost abundance in wealth and material possessions.

This product has been made keeping in mind the hardships and sufferings of poor people globally to have a life where there will be no financial constraint.

Based on scientific principles of DNA, genes, and neurological reception, Wealth Switch can magically transport an individual to lead a life when there is no bar to the incoming cash flow in one’s bank account.

The product claims that anyone can get richer easily even if he/she does not work hard, neither have enchanting degrees in education nor exceptional IQ level.

We will discuss how effective Wealth Switch Program is in fulfilling the purpose for which it was designed.

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Wealth Switch Review in a nutshell

Product NameWealth Switch
Money-Back Guarantee60-days
User Ratings8.8/10
Where to Buy?Official Website
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What is Wealth Switch?

Wealth Switch is a product that involves brain-stimulating tracks that instills positivity into one’s mind by making use of money scripts of higher vibration. It is a powerful program that can boost one’s financial condition and claims to magically change one’s life over a brief span of time.

The product is not anything traditional; it is completely a digital one. It comes with impactful audio tracks that can lead to a radical transformation in one’s life. It uses a couple of genes present in one’s body and directs an individual towards the right path of monetary success.

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How Does Wealth Switch Work?

Wealth Switch is based on manipulating two kinds of genes inherited by a human baby from their parents. These include the wealth gene and the poor gene. People who are poor usually grow up in an environment where the rampant sayings of ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees‘ and ‘Money is the root of your evil’ create a negative impact on their brain as they continually expose themselves to lower vibration money scripts.

Rich people are those who listen to the higher vibration money scripts and pass on the positive proverbs such as Money is good’ and ‘Life is better when you are rich.’ In this way, these people pass down the positive wealth genes to their next generations.

Wealth Switch acts as a kind of ‘switch’ or ‘controller’ to let people shift to the world of abundance by activating their wealth genes, thus rendering their poor genes inactive.

This sound stimulation program saturates one’s mind with higher vibration money scripts and eradicates the presence of any sort of negative thoughts and low vibration money scripts.

The product claims if people listen to the higher money script audio tracks for a continuous stretch of seven days every night before sleeping, the wealth genes will get activated in the body of that individual.

In this way, he/she will start experiencing new changes in life by excessive flow of money in their life that they had not probably even have imagined.

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Who is the Creator of Wealth Switch?

Wealth Switch was first used by Dan Jenkins when her wife Susan made him financially broke, and she herself was depressed. Dan contacted a person called Yuri, who was an acquaintance of Dan’s father-in-law, to find a solution to his wife Susan’s degrading financial condition.

Yuri informed Dan that the reason for Susan’s not being able to attract wealth is because of the presence of poor genes inherent in her DNA. This happened because Susan grew up in an environment where she was exposed to lower vibration wealth scripts that made her poor genes getting switched up. As a result, money was running away from her.

Yuri provided Dan with the Wealth Switch to let him witness how well Susan progresses financially. Dan used to switch on the Wealth Switch Program at night when Susan went to bed. Just after listening to the tracks for one night, Susan woke up the next day and surprised Dan by getting all decked up as she was way too happy for bagging a dealership related to a tractor that belonged to her grandfather.

Just as Dan continued switching on the program every night, Susan used to wake up with tons of good news every day owing to the incoming flow of cash in her life. In this way, this couple progressed in life both financially and mentally and became excessively rich.

Now that the couple is happy and wealthy and is expecting their first child together, they decided to make people who are suffering from the financial crisis and mental breakdown, just as they were doing a few days back, aware of the Wealth Switch program.

Dan made this proposal to Yuri, who agreed to share the rights of the program with him and spread it to the people at large. Dan entered into an agreement with Yuri and launched the Wealth Switch Program for all those living a purposeless life with no finance to support them.

Watch the whole story behind the program in this video.

Benefits of Wealth Switch

  1. Wealth Switch enhances the concentration power of an individual.
  2. It rescues people from diving deep into the world of stress and depression.
  3. It helps people who are financially not sound enough to become wealthy.
  4. It helps an individual to repay all the loans and debts that he/she ever had.
  5. It is a versatile digital program and can work across all devices, be it laptop, smart TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  6. It allows people to lead a life full of happiness and extreme financial abundance.

Drawbacks of Wealth Switch

  1. The results may vary from one person to another.
  2. The product can drift people from their envious friends, once they get hold of riches and wealth.
  3. It can make an individual stay aloof from relatives and neighbors whenever he/she will show up with a brand new car and go driving all around the locality.
  4. The users have to give a week’s time to Wealth Switch to experience a difference in their lives and gain an influx of wealth.

Bonuses or Extras of the Wealth Switch Program

  1. Prosperity Now: This bonus contains positive tracks of “I am Rich” that have a frequency of 528hz so that these directly strike a person’s subconscious brain and let him/her attract wealth as much as possible.
Wealth Switch Review: The Device Of Ultimate Manifestation Or Mere Delusion?

2. Supernatural Luck: This constitutes audio tracks of 77hz that create conditions for a person to be way too lucky.

Wealth Switch Review: The Device Of Ultimate Manifestation Or Mere Delusion?

3. Extreme Success Mantras: It comes with a pack of seven money mantras that will enhance the wealth of a person.

Wealth Switch Review: The Device Of Ultimate Manifestation Or Mere Delusion?

4. Wealth Triggers: This gift comes with enchanting luxury visuals that make an individual move in sync with positive vibrations about finances.

Wealth Switch Review: The Device Of Ultimate Manifestation Or Mere Delusion?

5. Instant Manifestor: It comes with an enigmatic symbol of money that motivates a person to attract wealth towards oneself.

Wealth Switch Review: The Device Of Ultimate Manifestation Or Mere Delusion?

6. Evil Eye Shield: It offers a unique audio track that will shield an individual against the harmful evil eye effects of one’s envious friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Wealth Switch Review: The Device Of Ultimate Manifestation Or Mere Delusion?

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How To Buy Wealth Switch Program?

This sound stimulating program lets people switch to wealth genes from poor genes and secure sound financial health. The product was originally priced at $297.

However, to ensure that the product can be accessed by all the people suffering from monetary crisis, the creator reduced the price and fixed it at $37 only. This is a one-time fee payment without any sort of hidden money and subscription charges.

The product also comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. This implies that if you do not witness any significant changes in financial condition, you can claim a refund of the money paid by contacting the customer care team within 60 days from the purchase of the product.

By visiting the official page of Wealth Switch, the order can be placed from where the buyer will be directed to the checkout page, completely secured by Click Bank.

Final Words

Wealth Switch is a program that can steer a person towards a life of prosperity and riches. Just listening to the audio tracks every night for 7 days in a row while going to bedtime can act wonders. It will help clear the debts and enhance one’s financial condition.

Given that the product is priced just at $37 and comes with six awesome free gifts, going for Wealth Switch is a great idea. After all, there is nothing to lose. Even if the product does not fetch any satisfactory result to anyone, an instant money refund within 60 days of purchase can be obtained. Since there are no risks involved, purchasing this product will definitely be a wise decision.

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Wealth Switch


Ease Of Use




Cost effectiveness







  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • High quality audio tracks


  • Not for everyone
  • Results are not guaranteed
  • Not available offline or in CD's

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