There are times when you get stuck in a negative loop of thinking and it is very hard to get some thoughts out of your subconscious mind, but with Hypnosis Live you can do that very conveniently.

It is a tool that will enhance your life and bring you positivity.

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Hypnosis Live will fill your mind with positive and nourishing beliefs which will change the way you feel about yourself and your life.

Hypnosis Live will rewire your brain deeply and permanently for your benefit. It will help you change any part of your life that is bothering you or concerning you right now. Any fears or phobias that you might have or any obstacles that you might be facing while achieving your goals.

It uses multiple affirmations, visualization techniques and special NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) exercises to provide your brain with hypnosis therapy and change the way you think and feel.

The hypnosis sessions are recorded professionally by a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner Julie-Ann Amos.

She has a very calming voice and a British accent that will help you go into a state of relaxation and allow you to let go of all the negative patterns that your subconscious mind has been carrying.

These audios are available in MP3 and can be downloaded as soon as you make the purchase.

Each session is for about 40 minutes.

The reason hypnosis life sessions work really well is that it is a mix of hypnosis and NLP for maximum impact and also use follow-along exercises to re-train your mind. Don’t worry you won’t be hypnotized or get stuck in a trance while using these audios, they don’t harm your brain in any manner.

These audios are also available on iTunes Amazon MP 3 audible and many other online music stores. Just search Hypnosis Live and you will be able to find it.

If you want to return the product, you can get a refund within 14 days of purchase but that will happen only for a maximum of five sessions per year since a lot of people might abuse this option.

hypnosis Live

There are a lot of bundles of hypnosis Live available on the website. If you just wanna buy a single hypnosis session it will cost you just $1 and if you choose to buy a bundle it will cost you $32.95.

Hypnosis Live Office Bundle Contains

The office sessions are in nine categories:

  1. Mental Skills: It will help you learn new things , sharpen your mind and make you learn things faster.
  2. Mindset: It will help you to let go of your limiting beliefs, boost your self-esteem, help you to achieve your goals and also develop inner courage.
  3. Emotions: It will help you to resolve any anger, heal from your past traumas and will help you to be emotionally strong.
  4. Fear, worry and anxiety: It will help you release any fears or anxiety that you have regarding any area of your life.
  5. Health: It will help you to develop a healthy routine, overcome insomnia, lower blood pressure and get rid of addictions.
  6. Personal Improvement: It will help you to attract wealth, money, success and make your mind like that of a millionaire.
  7. Self Growth: It will help you to rediscover yourself , allow you to think positive thoughts and find your life’s purpose.
  8. Body improvement: It will help you to attain the body that you want , improve your posture, drink more water and reduce sweet cravings.
  9. Sexuality: It will help you to boost your libido, attract more men and women, enhance your sexual performance and also boost fertility.

Hypnosis Live offers so many things at such a less price and is super convenient to use as well. If you want your life to be better and live a life that is more enjoyable and fulfilling, then go ahead and give this a try. You won’t regret it!

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1. List of top 3 favorite manifestation programs that changed my life.
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