The You Wealth Revolution is a global awareness movement made up of millions of people around the planet committed to expanding their awareness about spiritual growth, alternate healing, well-being, and true happiness. 

It is an online platform that provides personal development, education, diverse resources, and various tools for alternate healing and transformation.

They offer various online events, such as seminars and webinars, featuring spiritual growth, health, wealth, and relationships experts. The movement aims to empower individuals to live a life of fulfillment, abundance, and purpose.

You Wealth Revolution believes that every person is a gift to the world and that real wealth resides inside you, which, when tapped, can cause miracles.

Darius Barazandeh founded the You Wealth Revolution and has been making a positive impact on people’s lives around the world since 2007.

You Wealth Revolution might not yield similar results for all those who try it. Results may vary and are not guaranteed for those who use this program. If you are willing to give it a try, make sure to do so with full faith and dedication for optimal results. 

Do not give up halfway and complete the journey. Follow the live shows and practice the learnings regularly to make the journey to healing and self-improvement fruitful and successful.

The information and webinars on You Wealth Revolution are NOT meant or intended to be a substitute or alternate in any form for any professional advice from a medical practitioner, diagnosis, or treatment.

 All parts of the content, including all text, animations, images, podcasts, videos, audio, graphics, online events, and information contained on or available through the medium of this website, are for general information purposes only. 

It is advised that you seek consultancy from a medical professional if you need help with depression or any illness or have any concerns whatsoever. 

You Wealth Revolution does not offer any form or type of medical advice, course of treatment, diagnosis, or any other opinion on the medical conditions or possible treatment options for any person. 

All the services, products, and information offered by the You Wealth Revolution website are for information purposes only and not offered as medical or psychological advice,

To know more about my experiences and learnings, stay hooked till the end, and I promise that you won’t regret it!

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What is You Wealth Revolution?

You Wealth Revolution Homeage

You Wealth Revolution is an online platform that brings to you various resources, programs, and courses aimed at helping you transform your lives and achieve greater abundance, health, and well-being and live the life that you have always manifested. 

The platform provides access to transformational teachers, energy healers, and thought leaders who share their insights, teachings, and techniques to help you create positive changes in your lives.

They lead you to the golden path of self-improvement and guide you in achieving your desired goal of leading a better life.

You Wealth Revolution helps you attain remarkable transformational energy with the aid of various leaders and healers for many objectives like:

  1. Experiencing happiness and calming ease
  2. Activating energy healing
  3. Dissolving stress and limitations
  4. Gaining intuition quickly
  5. Unlocking the power of love and abundance
  6. Turning on your energy powers

You Wealth Revolution, through its various live shows, aims to guide people and lead them to the truths of their hearts and develop strengths they did not know they had. It introduces people to the love and light within them and lets its power brighten their world.

You Wealth Revolution emphasizes the importance of every single person in the world and helps people accept, adapt to, and embrace their authentic selves. Their mission is to help people discover their true nature, their natural element, and who they are without any bias, judgment, or pressure.

It allows people to tune into what brings them happiness, relief, excitement, and peace. 

You Wealth Revolution emphasizes that the supreme power resides in you and your beliefs, and thus reflects in your action. It helps people overcome their limitations, problems, and issues in various spheres of life with the power that resides in them. 

One of the key messages of the You Wealth Revolution is the idea that we are all capable of creating our own reality. By shifting our thoughts and emotions towards positive outcomes, we can manifest the life we desire.

Who created You Wealth Revolution?

Darius Barazandeh: The Creator of You wealth Revolution

Often behind any brilliant idea, there is a unique and inspirational journey of finding hope, the birth of a new idea, and finding happiness in times of despair. One such story is that of Darius M. Barazandeh, who is the founder and CEO of the You Wealth Revolution. 

Today, he, along with his team, has made the You Wealth Revolution reach more than 7 million people in more than 190 countries with their dedication, hard work, and relentless efforts.

Major setbacks in life often provide a launchpad for new beginnings if you can see the silver lining in the dark clouds. From near death to a significant breakthrough, Darius M. Barazandeh was awakened to an extraordinary and pleasant gift. 

Through a motorcycle crash in 2008, his spirit allowed him to see the energetic pattern behind all the occurrences around him. According to him, in 2008, he found himself living a life that he did not want. 

He kept suppressing his heart’s desires and goals until a violent and terrifying motorcycle crash forced him to let go of all the things that did not fill him with joy, his inhibitions that stopped him from scaling new heights and filled him with a new zeal. 

An extraordinary ‘spiritual connection’ occurred after that day and everything in his life changed rapidly. He then had a small dream of sharing the power of spiritual growth, love, and authenticity which started with a handful of people and has exploded today to reach more than 2,000,000 people all over the world and growing!

Many people across the globe, from different cultures and backgrounds, have been touched by the energy obtained through the medium of his sessions. Each week a large number of people are led back to the actual knowledge of their hearts. 

His gift of energy guides each session into the highest transformational energy healing experience for the listener.

Barazandeh is a spiritual teacher and energy healer who states that his mission is to help people align with their true purpose and unlock their full potential.

What Should You Expect on Choosing You Wealth Revolution?

You Wealth Revolution, through its online events, offers you a pathway to improving, modifying, and introducing new spiritual growth, alternate healing, and personal development aspects to your life. 

Through many webinars, packages, and recordings, they offer various techniques for overcoming negativity and accessing higher states of consciousness, such as meditation, visualization, and energy healing. 

While the You Wealth Revolution may sound like a lofty promise, many people claim to have experienced significant benefits from participating in the event.

Some report feeling more empowered and connected to their higher self, while others say they have attracted new opportunities and positive experiences into their lives.

What's inside the You wealth Revolution

Different speakers bring various essential topics to the table and guide the listeners to embark on a journey of happiness, upliftment, realizing your true self, and discovering spiritual elements around you. 

You can expect a meticulously planned schedule of daily sessions available on the phone or through the web. In case you miss the webinar or are unable to attend due to time zone differences, records of previous sessions are readily available on the website. Most of these recordings are free of cost. 

Various paid packages and recordings are also available. You can also book personal sessions for individual guidance, alternate healing, and personalized advice from the speakers.

Further, more products are available on the website that will help you get faster results. Reviews from various users are also available where they share their personal experiences.

I was highly delighted by the variety of options, packages, and topics offered by the website. The esteemed speakers bring with them their expertise, experience, and unique style of guidance, which is extremely helpful. I was delivered with much more on this website than I had initially expected.

My Experience with You Wealth Revolution 

Me Trying the You Wealth Revolution

While I share my experience in this You Wealth Revolution review, it is essential to reinstate that the experience differs from person to person, and this is not a guarantee that You Wealth Revolution will be as effective for you as it was for me.

Day 1: Getting Started

As I got started with my preparations for the You Wealth Revolution review, I had made up my mind to critically analyze every aspect related to You Wealth Revolution.

 As I opened the website, at first, I was amazed by the different speakers and their areas of expertise. The great reviews on the website were also a plus point. 

Then, as I spent some time knowing about the website, I slowly got familiarized with it and could go around it quite easily. What I initially thought to be only a webinar and podcast website, You Wealth Revolution website was surprised by the assortment of products, guides, blogs, and well-detailed and crisp information about their mission, products, webinars, speakers, and every podcast. 

The free subscription was easy to register for, and I was given access to the products almost instantly. 

The first product I tried was a 1-minute miracle. Although the podcasts spanned over a duration of 1 min, it was worth it. Within the first few minutes of an introduction to the main exercise, the critical point of thinking disintegrated, and I was roped entirely into the soothing exercise.

Backed up with scientific theories about gratitude and its immensely positive effects on a person’s life, the introductory audio prepares you to step into the next part of the exercise.

While I was extremely pleased with the first introductory part of the exercise, I was still unsure if any exercise or meditation of a few minutes would yield any results. Yet again, I was pleasantly amazed to see the results by the end of the exercise. 

I genuinely felt more loved, more thankful, and had much more gratitude toward the world. During the exercise, it felt as if all the negative emotions, anxiety, and stress were washed off to give way to positive energy and pleasant emotions. 

This small exercise is a go-to exercise in case you feel low, unhappy, or just need a boost up for a big day. After this exercise, I continued by watching an mp4 video on “I AM a Radiantly Powerful Soul” by Chameice Daniel. 

On following all the steps and watching the video, I felt as if I had just woken up from a power nap, full of energy, excited, optimistic, and ready to face any challenge that the world throws at me. 

It helped me stop myself from entering the vicious cycle of magnifying all the issues around me and helped uplift myself. Self-development through these videos was genuinely magnificent, but I was yet to see its impact on my daily routines.

Day 2: Noticing Changes

On Day 2 of my You Wealth Revolution review, I noticed a few significant changes in my day. I constantly reminded myself to find reasons for gratitude all around me, acknowledge it, and feel loved. 

I could not steer clear of overthinking all day long, so I re-watched the video “I AM a Radiantly Powerful Soul” by Chameice Daniel and found the same results as the previous day, but this time with greater intensity. 

Further, on Day 2 of my You Wealth Revolution review, I listened to the audio on “I Am Abundant” by speaker Jarad Hewett. In this fantastic and inspiring audio, I was able to visualize the honey gold light and its travel according to the audio.

It was a well-guided and strong visualization technique that required great concentration and equal amounts of ease and relaxation. I found it a bit more complicated than the previous two exercises. But the results were worth it as well. 

While on the first try, I was unable to complete my exercise, the second attempt was relatively a lot easier for me and I can safely say that the results were magnificent. I could imagine myself achieving all my goals, staying happy, and feeling extremely powerful.

I felt as if I held infinite power to do whatever I aimed to do, and nothing could stop me. Overall, after a few attempts I can safely say that this video delivered what it had claimed.

I also watched an mp4 video on “Create the Highest Version of Yourself with Love Meditation” by Kourtney Levens. It was indeed an incredibly thought-provoking video in a unique and effective guided meditation to connect with your soul, which is your higher self. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation and was extremely relaxed and refreshed after it, the effect was not long-lasting in the case of this video. It quickly faded into the daily hustle-bustle. 

But it was a pleasant experience while it lasted. It is a video you can look forward to for daily meditations.

Day 3: Overcoming Challenges

On Day 3 of my You Wealth Revolution review, I tried to adapt my learnings throughout my day, thus reducing the daily stress, regular tensions, and overthinking spirals. I also surprisingly find everything around me a bit more beautiful and magical than before.

Further, on Day 3, I listened to the replay of an online seminar on “Experience Regeneration On New Levels! Discover Newvenation!” by Ana-La-Rai. Positive energies were practically radiating while listening to the podcast. Ana-La-Rai’s online seminar also exuded immense healing energies. 

She introduces and guides the listeners to new and unique opportunities and methodologies to advance the process of awakening for you. High vibrations of pure source light, clarity, love, integrity, and group consciousness are factors that work together to help us beautifully experience regeneration. 

In this recording of almost 2 hours, I did not even realize as time passed. I gently coerce you into digging deep into your soul, discovering the light emerging from your soul and how it powers your entire being. 

It also helped me reframe specific life experiences and their impact. Overall, it was a wondrous session full of optimism, healing, positive energies, personal development, spiritual growth, alternate healing, and new discoveries. 

Overall, through this You Wealth Revolution review, I have been able to inculcate positive changes in my life and open a better and more beautiful aspect of life.

Day 4: Realizing Benefits

On Day 4 of my You Wealth Revolution review, I found how I did not have to remind myself to stay full of gratitude, happiness, and positive energy. Instead, it is slowly becoming second in nature to me. 

I can also see that the world rebounds this positive energy by bringing in more opportunities, reasons for happiness, and positive people. I have also observed a spike in my productivity in my daily life. 

It has also positively impacted all the people around me as well. Happiness, as we all know, is contagious and increases with sharing. Therefore, it has helped me build a positive, happy, and developmental environment around myself.

On day 4 of my You Wealth Revolution review, I also listened to the replay of an online webinar on the discussion topic “Beyond Quantum into Divine Intelligence: A Powerful Upgrade for Instant Shifts” by Maria Martinez. It was an amazingly calming session. It helped us descend into calm inside our conscience. It helps us relieve ourselves from the burdens that we have put on ourselves.

I also felt that the key to the working of these meditations, exercises, and podcasts is the intent belief that we put into it. As the days progressed, I observed the greater effectiveness of these exercises and more significant benefits. 

This might be because now I want it to work for me and introduce some pleasant changes that would help me in leading a better life. 

Thus, if you want to truly imbibe all these changes, the first step should be belief: belief in the speakers, belief in the techniques, belief in the supreme power, and most importantly, belief in yourself.

Day 5: Final Thoughts

On Day 5 of my You Wealth Revolution review, all I feel is that I am blessed. Positivity is available in abundance for everybody who looks for it. Thus, this beautiful feeling will come naturally to you if you start accepting it wholeheartedly. 

The state of your soul and conscience will be reflected in your actions, your surroundings, and your future as well. Positive actions, a positive outlook, and searching for happiness to spread it all around are not to be forcefully enforced but should lovingly and gently be inculcated as an indispensable part of your life. 

So, now is the time to open the gates of your life to new possibilities, opportunities, personal development, alternate healing, and spiritual growth.

On day 5 of my You Wealth Revolution review, I also listened to the replay of an online webinar on the discussion topic “The Anxiety Frequency: Anxiety Solutions for Sensitive Souls” by Dr. Karen Kan. 

Anxiety eats a person from the inside and there is always a sense of apprehension and dread. Often caused by a result of past experiences or dreadful memories, anxiety hampers the quality of life of the person and prevents them from leading a happy and qualitative life. 

In this session, Dr. Karen Kan focuses on the anxiety SOS protocol, the art of auto-healing, addressing the root of the cause that triggers anxiety, and how we can eliminate these symptoms to lead a better life.

Overall, these five days of the You Wealth Revolution review were highly fruitful and certainly brought some significant changes that will help me live my life in a better way. Thus, I would strongly recommend you try it out. 

Also, do not lose hope if it does not work for you. Try it again, or you can also refer to some of the alternate products and techniques that have been mentioned in this article.

Real User Experience with You Wealth Revolution 

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Benefits of You Wealth Revolution

The You Wealth Revolution is a platform aimed at promoting personal development, alternate healing, and spiritual growth.

It is a global awareness movement that seeks to help people expand their awareness and achieve alternate healing, personal development, and self-improvement in their lives. 

Girl feeling alive

Through the platform, you can access various courses, meditations, webinars, and resources that can help you shift your consciousness toward greater abundance, joy, love, and well-being. 

Some of the benefits of joining this movement are listed below, but you must remember that the benefits are only fruitful if you regularly continue these practices and exercise and do not just forget them after trying once.

In my experience, the actual benefits were productive only after a few days of regular practice.

Throughout my experience of various online events during the You Wealth Revolution review, many benefits of these online events came to light, which I have shared below:

  • One of the benefits of the You Wealth Revolution is an increase in the awareness and understanding of spiritual principles that can empower you to take control of the aspects of your life and make conscious choices that align with your highest good.
    Awareness is the first step towards bringing the right actions. With an increase in awareness, you can find the right path to progress much more quickly and effectively. Awareness is the first step to belief, and without belief, nothing will ever actually yield results.
  • The program provides an opportunity for you to connect with like-minded people and receive support as you progress on your journey. You can also access expert advice from leading spiritual teachers and personal development coaches. 
    Like-minded people encourage you to keep progressing. They also uplift you when you lose hope or are a bit down. Thus, it is imperative to stay in the company of like-minded people who help you go forward instead of pulling you back.
  • Transformational Energy Help: You Wealth Revolution provides daily help from world-class thought leaders and healers to help you feel deep joy and calming ease, activate energy healing and achieve remarkable transformation in your life. This ease and positive change in a person’s life can do wonders if the intent is right.
  • Global Community: You Wealth Revolution is made up of millions of people around the world committed to expanding their awareness and helping others do the same. 
    You can connect with like-minded individuals and find support to help you achieve your goals. This community enables you to share your progress and learn from each other.
  • Personal development: The You Wealth Revolution, through its online events, offers a variety of resources, including masterclasses, healing sessions, group coaching, and other personal development tools to help you achieve your goals and maximize your potential. 
  • Financial Well-being: The You Wealth Revolution program also focuses on building a lifetime stream of residual income by teaching individuals and families how to create a legacy and protect themselves from severe financial instability.
  • Additionally, the You Wealth Revolution can provide many benefits to people looking to inculcate self-improvement in their lives through personal development, community, and financial well-being.
  • You Wealth Revolution offers online events for improvement in physical conditions, pains, and mental conditions. Thus, it is a source of hope for many, and as we know, hope can work wonders. 
  • Guided meditation and guidance from various experienced speakers help the participants follow paths of self-discovery and self-improvement and lead a happy, successful, and healthy life.

Pros & Cons of You Wealth Revolution


  • Free of cost, audio, replays, and trials are available.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Various experienced speakers share their expertise through webinars.
  • Replays are available so you can access the webinars even if you miss them due to time zone differences or any other reasons.
  • There are many topics of many different domains to help people overcome different problems.
  • Alternate healing methods for different issues are available.
  • Personal one-on-one sessions with the speakers provide personalized guidance to the people.


  • Not every product or exercise is scientifically proven.
  • It might not work for everybody.
  • Different people might get different results.
  • All the information is available in the English language only.

Alternatives to You Wealth Revolution

There are many alternatives to You Wealth Revolution but the ones that I like the most are listed below.

Pro Tip: You can combine these alternatives with You Wealth Revolution backed by action to see the maximum results as fast as possible.


LImitless Labs all 36 Digital Pills

Limitless Labs is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based health and wellness company offering products based on neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

Today, the company, through its online events, offers a lineup of digital pills and audio files using NLP techniques. Each audio file lasts around 15 minutes and is designed to upgrade a different area of your brain.

You can buy specific digital pills online through Or, you can buy the entire “pharmacy” and unlock unlimited access to the whole collection. Limitless Labs is a social innovation agency that utilizes design thinking to develop solutions that create a positive social impact. 

Their services include developing strategies, managing data structures, engineering hybrid artificial and human intelligence-based systems, and providing access to breakthrough technologies. 

They currently offer a “digital pill” that can upgrade any area of your life in under 30 minutes. The company’s primary goal is to create impactful solutions that bring about positive social change.

According to the creators, these audios are what people should listen to, whether they wish to increase their motivation and self-confidence, lose weight, or improve their sleep quality. Inspire3 has created over 35 distinct experiences, each of which is considered a “digital pill.” 

To know more about Limitless Labs, its review, pros and cons, pricing, results, etc., refer to this article or if you want to try Limitless Labs you can do so here try 6 FREE Limitless Labs digital pills here.


Reprogram Me

Reprogram Me is a 4-week hypnosis program designed to help people reprogram their brains through simple audio recordings. It claims to inculcate self-improvement in the user’s mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and attract wealth and abundance. 

The program involves daily listening to a series of audio tracks that use hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), and positive affirmations to influence the subconscious mind. 

However, it is vital to take note that the effectiveness of such programs is still a topic of debate, and it may not work for everyone.

Reprogram Me uses a combination of different techniques and methodologies to help rewire your brain. Some are Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Visualization, Metaphor Therapy, and Hypnosis.

Various people have observed immense improvement within themselves through this program. Thus, we strongly encourage you to try it out.

To know more about Reprogram Me, its review, pros, and cons, pricing, results, etc., refer to this article or if you want to try Reprogram Me you can do so by clicking here.


Raikov Effect Package

Dr. Raikov employed a seven stepped procedure to stimulate certain portions of the brain to help activate a skill or aptitude in the person.

People may use this technique to awaken their brilliance and capabilities, which might have been buried deep down, and convert themselves into extraordinarily gifted people. 

Using this strategy, they may begin to exhibit their most profound desired talent in just a few days or quit a harmful behavior that they had been hooked to. This experiment has been known to transform many people into better and more efficient versions of themselves.

The Raikov effect is a ten-minute mental workout that may be done at any time of day. The session consists of seven phases that will allow users to expand their brainpower. 

Before they begin the session, users must consider and concentrate on the skill they want to acquire using this approach. Once they have determined the expertise, they should think of a person who has the qualities they want.

For example, if they wish to have business abilities, they should assume Bill Gates or any other great businessman.

After these two fundamentals are in place, users must relax and follow the Raikov Effect’s seven-step method. The steps are as follows:

  1. States of Trance
  2. Unwinding
  3. Illustration
  4. suggestion
  5. Think Positively
  6. Believing
  7. Designing

To know more about the Raikov Effect, its review, pros, and cons, pricing, results, etc., refer to this article, or if you want to try the Raikov Effect you can do so by clicking here.

You Wealth Revolution Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee On You Wealth Revolution

Yes, You Wealth Revolution offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee to its users as a token of appreciation. They aim to show that they value their customers, their best interests, and their satisfaction. 

The money-back-guarantee ensures that customers can test if a product works for them or not without worrying about monetary losses if the results go south. 

However, as a way to help show the esteemed speakers that their knowledge, hard work, and dedication are highly treasured, valued, and acknowledged, a refund can be offered on one package only per customer over a period of 90 days. 

If the same customer requests many refunds in a span of 90 days will not be accepted or entertained.

If a pattern of excessive purchases and returns is noticed by the You Wealth Revolution team, they reserve the right to remove the person from their mailing list, block the user’s future purchases on the website, and /or deny future refunds. 

If the speaker’s offer involves a personal session, the guarantee will be voided in the event that the customer has used the session.

If the speaker’s offer includes digital content, the guarantee will be voided, and no refund will be granted if more than 30% of tracks of the package or purchase have been downloaded. 

This is to ensure that the guarantee policy is not misused by anyone. 

You Wealth Revolution relies on its users’ integrity as You Wealth Revolution listeners to honor every speaker’s digital assets and knowledge. 

Additionally, all requests for refunds of any purchase should be submitted within the guarantee period of 30 days.

Conclusion: Should You Try You Wealth Revolution?

Overall, the You Wealth Revolution is a valuable resource for anyone who is looking to explore the world of alternate healing, personal development, and spiritual growth.

With its diverse array of speakers and topics, this event offers something for everyone who is seeking to unlock their highest potential and lead a more fulfilling life through many online events. 

However, it’s worth noting that the You Wealth Revolution is not without its critics. Some skeptics argue that the techniques and ideas promoted by the event are not based on science and may not have any real-world effects. 

Regardless of the opinions of skeptics, it’s clear that the You Wealth Revolution has resonated with many people who are seeking alternate healing, spiritual growth, and personal development transformation. 

Whether you believe in the power of energy healing and manifestation or not, it’s hard to deny the success and popularity of this online event.

FAQs about You Wealth Revolution

Now, let us discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about the You Wealth Revolution. Go through them to get the answers to the common queries to get better clarity of the product. Hope they help!

Q1. What is the You Wealth Revolution?

The You Wealth Revolution is an online seminar that offers transformational energy healing and meditation. The event features various speakers who offer their insights and techniques on personal development and spiritual growth.

Q2. How can I attend the seminar?

You can attend the seminar by registering for free on the You Wealth Revolution website. The daily calls can be accessed by phone or through the web, according to your preference. In case you miss the webinar, replays are also available on the website. 

Q3. Who are the speakers at the seminar?

The speakers at the seminar include renowned healers, energy workers, and meditation teachers who bring in their expertise on various topics and spheres. One of the most notable speakers in the You Wealth Revolution is Darius Barazandeh, the founder and host of the event. The speakers come from various walks of life and are eager to help.

Q4. What topics are covered in the seminar?

The seminar covers a range of topics related to wellness, alternate healing, spiritual growth, and personal development. The topics span a wide range, offering sessions on alleviating physical pains, boosting health, angelic protection, spiritual growth, etc.

 It has a vast array of options to offer. For example, one session may focus on manifesting abundance, while another may focus on cultivating inner peace. Throughout the event, Barazandeh and the other speakers encourage participants to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace new possibilities. 

Q5. Is there a cost to attend the seminar?

No, the seminar is completely free to attend, but there are many paid services available as well. Various paid packages and replays for missed webinars are also available on the You Wealth Revolution website.

As it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, try You Wealth Revolution (100% Risk-FREE)

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