The Raikov Effect Program Review by Reviewdunk

Raikov Effect Review- Unleashing Its Secrets!

This Raikov Effect review is here to enlighten you and make you aware of the truest facts about the new Raikov Effect Program by Inspire3

Did you ever think that you can possess Einstein’s genius for real?

Raikov Effect Review- Unleashing Its Secrets!

I can bet that till now you haven’t come across anything yet that can sharpen your mental and intellectual abilities.

The craziest part is that sharpening and increasing your IQ has been made easier than ever before. Just set up the device with your laptop or smartphone and see the results.

This product actually promises to gift you with the intelligence and analytical skills of eminent personalities- Bill Gates, Einstein, Da Vinci or basically anyone whom you emulate.

In this Raikov Effect review, you will come across all the intricate details of the product.

Amaze yourself as this article progresses to uncover the product’s working methodology and whether it is really effective or mere absurdity.

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Background Story of The Raikov Effect

Before coming to the Raikov Effect Review, have a look at the event that led to its creation.

To satisfy your curiosity, let’s see what led to the creation of the Raikov Effect and who masterfully designed it.

A phenomenal experiment conducted in 1971 in association with a large number of citizens paved the path for this incredible product.

The musical instruments played at a gathering suddenly and miraculously led to greater mental abilities among the students present out there.

Dr Vladimir Raikov, a legend in the field of neuropsychology, had discovered a 7-step process. He conducted just a single session with some pupils. And, guess what? All the students miraculously obtained the intellect of some genius men of history.

Raikov Effect Review

You can gain the same degree of IQ as your brain becomes all the more active under the impact of the 7-step method devised by Raikov.

Before discussing the program, here are some facts to know about, that is…

What are these 7 magical steps that I’ve been talking about?

7-Step Method by Raikov

  1. Trance-like state
  2. Relaxation
  3. Visualization and creativity
  4. Suggestion
  5. Positive thinking
  6. Modeling
  7. Structuring and modeling

Through music and hypnosis, the Raikov Effect casts a spell upon you and unlocks your creativity and helps you in making innovative creations.

By making use of the law of attraction and other scientific principles, the Raikov Effect imbibes within you the skills and capabilities of people you admire- be it any famous personalities, friends or colleagues.

Let’s now discuss the most important aspect of the Raikov Effect… Does this work?

Raikov Effect Review Is it Effective or Just a Scam?

This Raikov Effect review will enlighten you whether purchasing the product is worthy enough or a mere wastage of fortune.

Coming to your main question- does Raikov Effect really work? Yes, it does!

To make things clear, it is imperative to say that the Raikov Effect is not at all a scam.

This is because it uses scientific principles and is not something based on magical charms.

Anything that is scientific– is certainly a legitimate and genuine product.

The product video of the Raikov Effect is amazing. It literally tells you about the program and the wonders that it can create.

You can watch a snippet of the video from this link

The product is legit and takes you on a life-transforming journey to acquire any traits of the person you consider as your idol. Whatever you want to be more confident or creative, everything is possible with this course.

The hypnotic processes used by the product lets it perceive what are you feeling from inside and change your innermost powers accordingly.

The Raikov Effect, backed by scientific laws and principles, increases your brainpower and changes your life for the better by instilling within you any skills that you desire for.

Get ready to receive the skills and attributes of any modern-day genius!

The Raikov Effect stimulates the area of your brain to your area of interest.

This product injects within you the desired abilities that you wish to attain.

The brain improvement system becomes really remarkable while using this product.

I would suggest you to go for it and give it a try.

Don’t want to give Raikov Effect a Try? At least Download their FREEChat with a Genius‘ workbook, MP3, and video! Click here

I am pretty sure that you will be benefitted from it. In case you don’t get any result, you will be eligible for a 100% refund.

The Raikov Effect Review has surely given you an accurate idea about its mode of functioning.

Getting success is just a step away. So, why not give it a try?

What does the Raikov Effect Contain?

The Raikov Effect Program Bundle

Having read the Raikov Effect Review, you must be tempted to know what it contains.

Let’s see what this box of wonder consists of…

The package of Raikov Effect has the following components, perfectly curated for people having varied time schedules.

For People With a Busy Schedule

  1. Raikov Effect Quick Start Guide: If you’ve got a busy schedule and can not afford to spend much time, this short guide on Raikov Effect elucidates all the main points clearly.
    Giving it a read will enlighten you on the main facts driving the principle of the Raikov Effect.
    It explains the scientific principles that it utilizes and lists down steps, following which you’ll get the best results. 5 important steps/rules that hold the key to success, as explained in the guide, are-
    Step 1: Picture your genius;
    Step 2: Swap Heads;
    Step 3: Act as if;
    Step 4: Anchor;
    Step 5: Take action.

    This guide will brief you on the main points that you need to follow to get the desired results. You can also read it on Kindle.
Raikov Effect Quick Start Guide

2.“Listen Along” Raikov Effect MP3: This MP3 file is available in both American and British voice. This gives you an idea of what the item is all about and lets you enjoy the results within a short span of time.

No matter if you’re having a hectic schedule, these accompaniments to the Raikov Effect let you use the product without consuming much of your time.

Raikov Effect

For People With a Relaxed Schedule

  1. Full Raikov Effect Course: This is a 100-page guide describing the entire history of the Raikov Effect to the science behind the wonders and ends with the New Raikov Effect.
    It briefs you on all the vital points such as how to do it in your head, how to record an audio version of the topic, how to choose your genius and when to use the New Raikov Effect.
The Raikov Effect Course

2. “Listen Along” Raikov Effect MP3: This audio file remains the same for everyone as you can always listen to it while doing other activities.

Raikov Effect Audios

3. Raikov Effect Cheat Sheet: This sheet is a compilation of the points mentioned in the guides. It describes the background story of the Raikov Effect, elucidates the Placebo Effect, the As If Technique and the New Raikov Effect. It enumerates 5 steps for you to follow.

Raikov Effect Cheat Sheet

Bonuses or Extras

  1. Audio Version of Quick Start Guide: This is a 22-minute long audio clip giving clear instruction as to how the product can be used in an efficient way and explaining its working mechanism to the user.
Raikov Effect Quick Start Audio

Some Awesome ‘Listen Along’ Audios inside the program:

Let’s have a look at some other audios that let you achieve your goal easily.

  1. Audio on ‘Boosting Confidence’.
Raikov Effect  Boosting Confidence Audio

2. Audio on ‘Heightened Brain Power’.

Raikov Effect Brain Power

3. Audio on ‘Wealth & Abundance’.

Raikov Effect Wealth Abundance

4. Audio on ‘Controlled Weight Loss’

Raikov Effect Weight Loss

5. Audio on ‘Become a Law of Attraction Magnet’

Raikov Effect Law of Attraction

Pros and Cons

The Raikov Effect Review won’t be complete without listing the pros and cons of the product.


  1. Absolutely legit and highly effective
  2. Available at a great deal
  3. Custom-made product
  4. Comes with 1-year guarantee


  1. Variation in results on the basis of reception of hypnosis
  2. Lack of telephone support system

Conclusion: Based on My Personal Experiences

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The Raikov Effect really worked for me. I didn’t know if any such awesome thing was ever available on earth until I tried out the Raikov Effect Program for 21-days.

I started with the Confidence ‘Listen Along’ audio. Just after my first listening, I felt as confident as I am Alexander The Great (as he was the one I pictured in my mind), further I realized conquering the world is a simple task which I can do with ease.

Then I went for my work with that confidence any kind of bullshit or Office Politics had no effect on me since that day. People who barely used to talk with me now wanted to be my friends. I wonder what good it can do for me if I use all of the ‘Listen Along’ Audios according to the instructions given.

I will keep on updating the review with my personal experiences with other ‘Listen Along’ Audios of the Raikov Effect Program.

Hope this Raikov Effect Review has aided you in giving info about the nitty-gritty of this product. This scientifically-backed product is way too great if you want to attain success fast or get your hands on the object that you always yearned for.

Without further ado, get ready to avail the product at only $137. You’ll be getting a discount of $100 on the original market price of $237.

Excited to use this product after reading the Raikov Effect Review? Place your order now as right now they are accepting only a limited number of members.

Go by the Raikov Effect Program by Inspire3, use it, and see your life-changing for the better.

If you like this Raikov Effect Review and need any help regarding the program or have any questions about it just comment below or email us at and if need support with the Raikov Effect Program you can contact them at Inspire3 here.

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  1. Firstly how much does it cost?? and secondly how long does it take to work?? I have been looking for this for a couple of years – the original contact that I was going to use has since stopped trading – thank you thank you thank you..

    1. The Raikov Effect is priced at $237 but as a reader of Reviewdunk you may get an exclusive $100 off on your purchase of the Raikov Effect Program which you can avail right here.

      The Raikov Effect Program can show its effectiveness from first use onwards but it is recommended to keep on using the program every day to keep improving your life as self-help should not be a destiny it should be a part of life.

      If you happen to need more info on this then make sure you watch the user experiences/review video or email us at with your query.


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