In this Mind Movies review, I am excited to share my journey and the transformative results I experienced after using Natalie Ledwell’s innovative tool, for just five days.

Mind Movies is an empowering manifestation and visualization tool that combines stunning visuals, uplifting music, and powerful affirmations to help individuals bring their dreams and aspirations to life. These tailor-made videos paint a vivid picture of the life you yearn to live, creating a deeply personal connection to your goals.

By watching your unique Mind Movie every day, you’ll begin to align your thoughts and emotions with your aspirations, attracting remarkable events and opportunities into your life.

This versatile tool can enhance various aspects of your life, such as health, relationships, career, and finances. Consistent use, helps you break free from limiting beliefs and achieve success in all areas of your existence.

By the end of this review, you will know if you should even consider spending $97 for just a visualization tool. If you read it till the end you will know one of the best alternatives to Mind Movies 4.0 which are much cheaper and likewise effective to use.

Mind Movies Review feature image
Mind Movies 4.0 Bundle

Let me first summarise this review for your convenience

Mind Moview Review Summary


  • Easy to use
  • Motivating
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Helps in Visualization
  • Builds confidence
  • Positive outlook
  • Stress reduction


  • Not for everyone
  • Requires commitment
  • Results vary
  • Can be repetitive
  • Have cheaper alternatives

Bottom line

We found Mind Movies 4.0 to be much more effective than what we expected upon first viewing the company website. Its creation kit is a visualization tool that combines images, affirmations, and music into a short video that you can watch every day to program your subconscious mind to focus on your desired outcome, increase motivation, and build self-confidence.

Mind Movies 4.0 Pack

Try Mind Movies Today!

Order today at $97. Comes with 60 day money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Lifetime access

What is Mind Movies 4.0 by Natalie Ledwell?

Mind movies is a personal development tool that uses visualization techniques to help individuals achieve their goals and improve their lives. They typically consist of a short video that combines affirmations, images, and music to create a positive and inspiring experience.

Mind movies refer to a visualization technique that involves creating a short, personalized video that combines affirmations, images, and music. The idea is to use the power of visualization to help individuals achieve their goals and desires by programming their subconscious mind through watching the mind movies regularly.

The idea is to focus your mind on your desired outcomes and create a mental picture of the future you want to manifest. Mind Movies is a dynamic young company passionate about facilitating people reach their considerable goals through the energy of the Law of Attraction

By watching a mind movie regularly, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to believe in your goals and take action towards achieving them. Mind movies can be created using various software tools or even by using a collection of images and music that resonate with you.

Mind Movies 4.0 (the latest version) creation toolkit helps you visualize your goals in life by helping you create in the form of a video.

You may have heard of a vision board, a board where you have a set of images that represents your goals. Well, Mind Movies 4.0 is an upgraded version of your ordinary vision board.

Here you can create videos of what you visualize and customize it the way you want. Sounds great? Isn’t it?

It is created by Natalie Ledwell.

Who is Natalie Ledwell?

Natalie Ledwell - Creator of Mind Movies
Natalie Ledwell Instagram Image

In 2008, Natalie Ledwell, Ryan Higgins, and Glen Ledwell founded Mind Movies LLC, and it swiftly rose to the top of the personal development market.

Natalie experienced a life-changing epiphany in 2006 after watching the movie “The Secret”. Since then, she, her husband Glen, and their business partner Ryan Higgins have built a multimillion-dollar online business centered around the Law of Attraction.

Before entering the personal development field, Natalie worked as a corporate trainer. She is a best-selling author, speaker, and Mind Movies co-founder who positively impacts millions of people daily by empowering them to achieve their dreams through creating a personal “digital” vision board or Mind Movie that invokes the principles of The Law of Attraction.

Natalie is an Australian businesswoman, motivational speaker, and co-founder of Mind Movies LLC. She is currently working on a groundbreaking program called “Personal Growth Studies,” a strong children’s curriculum designed to help them establish a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

Her passion is to use her book, live presentations, and online tools to help as many people as possible realize that they can live the life of their dreams.

Natalie is committed to employing her publication, live talks, and digital resources to aid a broad array of individuals in acknowledging that they possess the potential to lead their dream existence.

My 5-Day Experience with Mind Movies

Below is a picture of me trying the Mind Movies program

Mind Movies Review: My 5 Days Experiences!

Day One: Beginning

I chose the result or desired aim I wanted to achieve before using Mind Movies. Then, using the Mind Movies program, I made a unique video for myself and my objectives by combining music, images, and affirmations that spoke to me.

As I finished creating my Mind Movie, I couldn’t wait to watch it and familiarize myself with its contents. I reminded myself that it was just the beginning, and the key to success was to remain consistent.

Using a Mind Movie for the first time, I knew that my main focus would be on starting and setting my intentions towards achieving my desired results. By making a personalized Mind Movie, I started concentrating on my objectives and took the initial move toward achieving them.

Day Two: Observing Changes

I first saw changes in my behavior, thoughts, and feelings on the second day after starting to use Mind Movies. Although they were little, these modifications show that the Mind Movie is beginning to take effect.

I noticed that as I worked towards my objective, I felt more inspired and driven. I became more focused and productive throughout the day, and I observed that I felt positive.

Day Three: Overcoming Obstacles

I ran into difficulties or roadblocks on the third day of practicing Mind Movies that might have prevented me from achieving the desired result. I was able to conquer the challenges because of Mind Movies.

I trained my subconscious mind to stay motivated and positive even when faced with hurdles by watching the video and focusing on the desired objective.

My everyday routine improved, and it helped me to have a more optimistic outlook, which enabled me to get through my obstacles.

Day Four: Getting the Benefits

On the fourth day, I started to notice the benefits of the practice. An improvement in motivation, productivity, and general well-being was among these advantages.

I was getting closer to my goal, and this caused my perspective to change for the better. I had a stronger sense of assurance and self-worth, which enabled me to conquer obstacles. Although the Mind Movies assisted me in lowering my stress and anxiety, I also felt more at peace and tranquil.

Day Five: Closing Thoughts

I felt a sense of success and thankfulness for the experience on the fifth day. I have noticed significant changes in my actions, thoughts, and emotions during the last five days, and I am excited about the prospect of continuing the practice.

The Mind Movies method is an effective technique for changing one’s life and growing personally. By keeping my attention on my desired goal and watching my personalized movie every day, I was able to reset my subconscious mind and start making significant changes in my life.

The Mind Movies 4.0 Creation (step-by-step)

To create your own Mind Movie you will need to first access the program from here after you have done that then you can start with the following process:

  1. Set your intention
  2. Create a script
  3. Choose images & videos
  4. Choose music
  5. Export and download

1. Set your intention:

First of all, you must set your goal. It will help you stay focused and direct your attention toward the most significant aspects of your life.

2. Create a script:

Mind Movies Review: My 5 Days Experiences!

It’s time to start writing down your ideas. Write down the goals that you want to achieve. Write the affirmations and types of images you wish to include in your video.

3. Choose images and videos:

Mind Movies Review: My 5 Days Experiences!

Now it’s time to choose the pictures and videos that assist your objective. You can select the visuals from the templates or even from your device.

4. Choose music:

Mind Movies Review: My 5 Days Experiences!

You can choose the music from the library or your device. Music is an essential part of the video.

5. Create your Mind Movie:

Mind Movies Review: My 5 Days Experiences!

Now create your Mind Movies by using the software. It will help you to stay focused and motivated and to keep your goals and ambitions at the forefront of your mind.

6. Watch your mind movie daily:

Once you have created your video, start watching it regularly. As you engage with Mind Movies, you’ll get to know that it is easier to connect with your dreams and gain the clarity needed to identify what you truly want. 

How do MindMovies work for Visualization?

Mind Movies work by tapping into the power of the Law of Attraction. This law states that like attracts like, which means that the energy you put out into the universe is the energy that you attract back to yourself.

By creating a Mind Movie that focuses on your desired outcome, you are sending a powerful message to your subconscious mind that you want to attract those things into your life.

For example, if your goal is to start a successful business, you might create a Mind Movie that includes images of successful entrepreneurs, affirmations that reinforce your belief in yourself and your abilities, and music that inspires you. By watching this Mind Movie every day, you are programming your subconscious mind to focus on your goal and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

It is an innovative multi-sensory technology that simplifies and streamlines the process of personal growth, making it effortless to ignite profound inner transformation with just the press of a button.

By using mind movies, you can more easily, quickly, and enjoyably retrain your subconscious mind, and more transformational than you’ve ever encountered with any personal growth tool in the past using brief multimedia videos that synchronize visions and affirmations.

The innovative idea of mind movies elevates the practice of visualization. A person can create a short video using this technique that encapsulates their ideal lifestyle and goals. Repeatedly watching this movie can assist you in manifesting your dreams into reality.

As you watch your Mind Movie repeatedly, you have the potential to create a powerful mental program that aligns your objectives, emotions, and thoughts, driving you toward your desired outcomes. By consistently immersing yourself in the vivid imagery and emotions portrayed in your 

Mind Movies, you can reprogram your subconscious mind, paving the way for positive transformation in your life. By helping to eliminate negative habits and barriers, Mind Movies can empower you to unlock possibilities that may have previously gone unnoticed. 

With the help of Mind Movies, anyone can achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams.

It is a personal development tool that combines visualization, affirmations, and positive psychology to assist you in achieving your goals and improving your life.

The concept behind the phenomenon of Mind Movies is rooted in the belief that our brains possess incredible power and limitless potential. 

They assist you in making an inner movie in your mind that keeps you motivated and focused on your aims by using motivating visuals, uplifting music, and positive affirmations. 

It is necessary to choose pictures, music, and affirmations that have meaning for you and are consistent with your objectives when making a Mind Movie. Regularly watching it can help to solidify and manifest these positive affirmations in your mind.

How to Use Mind Movies for Maximum Benefits?

Here are some pointers for getting the most out-of Mind Movies:

  1. Establish your objectives and aspirations: It’s essential to have a clear understanding of your goals before you begin to create your mind a movie. Write your goals and desires and order them according to importance.
  2. Choose your affirmations carefully. Affirmations are uplifting remarks that can help you change your perspective and draw in what you want. Choose affirmations that are consistent with your beliefs and ambitions. 
  3. Choose your photos and movies carefully: The visual components of your mind movie are crucial. Choose pictures and movies that motivate you and reflect your objectives. Also, you can play music that makes you feel good and reinforces your affirmations.
  4. Visualize your mind movie daily: Regularly watching the video is essential for maximizing its advantages. Find a peaceful location, relax, and watch your mind movie. Imagine reaching your objectives and experiencing the feelings that go along with them.
  5. Take inspired action: While watching your mind movie is vital, taking inspired action is as crucial. Take daily baby steps towards your goals using the inspiration and motivation from your mind movie.
  6. Continue updating your mind movie: As you accomplish your goals or they change, update your mind movie to reflect your new aspirations. It will assist you in remaining motivated and focused on your journey.

Do not forget that consistency is the key to getting the most out of Mind Movies. Every day, watch your mind movie and take inspired action to achieve your objectives. You’ll begin to see beneficial changes in your life with time and effort

What’s Included With The Mind Movies 4.0 Creation Kit?

Mind Movies Review: My 5 Days Experiences!

The following items are there in the Mind Movies 4.0 Creation Kit:

  1. Mind Movies Creation Software: You get access to the online application where you make your Mind Movies.
  2. Mind Movies Members Area: You can download your movies and watch them anytime and on any device 
  3. Pre-made Mind Movies Templates: Also, you can access the library of video clips to include short videos that perfectly complement your Mind Movie.
  4. Audio tracks: you gain access to the music library to add inspiring music to your movie.
  5. Visualization tools: You will have entry to thousands of images to use in your movies.
  6. Support and guidance: you get access to a team of support staff and experts who can provide advice and assistance as you work through the creation process.

Also, you receive some fantastic goodies that are worth it.

  1. Get Access to our Monthly Support Program – The Subliminal Success Accelerator!
  2. Dream Crystallization Training Video to answer ‘How do you know what you want’?
  3. Best Selling Law of Attraction Video Course.
  4. Life-Changing Courses & Training Sessions from Top Personal Transformational Coaches
Mind Movies Review: My 5 Days Experiences!

Features of Mind Movies

As per my personal experience with the program, here are some of its features and benefits:

  • Personalized: It can be customized to suit an individual’s goals and aspirations.
  • Simple to make: With the aid of specialist software, It is easy to create.
  • Audio-visual experience: Mind Movies are remarkable due to their exceptional blend of visuals, affirmations, and music.
  • Mind-body journaling: Mind Movies assist in investigating the thoughts and beliefs that influence your emotional and physical experiences. It can be a powerful tool for gaining insight into the mind-body connection and developing greater self-awareness.
  • Thought Tracking: It helps individuals become more aware of their opinions and how they impact their emotions and behaviors. It aids you in accessing your inner ideas at particular moments.

What are the benefits of using Mind Movies Software?

Using Mind Movies has many benefits, including:

  1. Increased motivation: By watching a Mind Movie that focuses on your goals, you are reminding yourself of why you are working so hard and what you hope to achieve.
  2. Improved mindset: Watching a Mind Movie can help you shift your mindset from a negative to a positive outlook. This can help you stay focused and optimistic, even when faced with challenges.
  3. Better visualization skills: Creating a Mind Movie requires you to use your imagination and visualize your desired outcome. This can improve your visualization skills and make it easier for you to see yourself achieving your goals.
  4. More productive: By focusing your mind on your goals, you may find that you are more productive and able to get more done in less time.
  5. Greater self-confidence: By reinforcing positive affirmations in your Mind Movie, you are building your self-confidence and belief in yourself.
  6. Positive impact on overall health: It can boost your immune system and decrease stress. Also, it keeps your mental health in check by enhancing your sense of self-worth, lowering depressive and anxious thoughts, and elevating your mood.
  7. Increased self-esteem: It can improve your self-worth by guiding you to visualize yourself accomplishing your objectives.
  8. Increased productivity: It can increase productivity by helping you stay focused on your goals. It can enhance your performance by keeping you focused on your goals and preventing distractions or loss of concentration.
  9. Motivation: It can help individuals stay motivated and focused on their goals. Combining the power of visualization and affirmations, you can make your dreams a reality and stay motivated even during challenging times.
  10. Stress reduction: Mind Movies can significantly lower stress levels by promoting a positive mindset and minimizing negative self-talk. It is an excellent way to reduce stress and take a break from the anxieties of life

Do not forget that consistency is the key to getting the most out of Mind Movies. Every day, watch your mind movie and take inspired action to achieve your objectives. You’ll begin to see beneficial changes in your life with time and effort.

Potential Drawbacks of Mind Movies

  • Expensive: It can be highly priced and takes a lot of work to produce, so you might feel pressured to keep spending money on it to maintain your advantages.
  • Unrealistic expectations: Not setting appropriate goals and making progress towards them may cause you to focus on things that seem impossible to achieve. Unrealistic expectations have their pros and cons. On the one hand, it might produce a feeling of happiness and hope. On the other hand, we risk becoming demoralized and angry.
  • Misinterpretation of the Law of Attraction: The concept of the “Law of Attraction” can be erroneously used, which can cause you to prioritize the outcome over the process of achieving your objectives.
  • Absence of scientific proof: Despite the numerous anecdotal testimonials that support the benefits of Mind Movies, there is currently a lack of scientific evidence to corroborate their effectiveness.
  • Dependency on optimism: While optimism is necessary for personal development, relying too heavily on it might cause us to ignore negative emotions and experiences that may be crucial to our growth.
  • Word of mouth: Online platforms provide viewers with a powerful tool to express their opinions through word of mouth. It is easy to spread both true and false information. It often leads to misunderstandings as the person’s mind movie may not be accurate
  • Visualization: Although visualization can create a clear and concise representation, it often oversimplifies concepts and omits crucial stages or technical details that are still vital. Therefore, it is essential to balance the advantages and disadvantages of visualization to ensure that it does not conceal relevant information.

The Alternative of Mind Movies

There are so many alternatives to Mind Movies and one of them is Mind Zoom.

Mind Zoom

One of the alternatives to Mind Movies is Mind Zoom. Mind Zoom is a software program that uses subliminal messaging and positive affirmations to help users reprogram their subconscious minds and achieve their goals.

The program exhibits affirmations and subliminal messages on computer screens and mobiles while offering features such as voice recording and text-to-speech capabilities. Additionally, it provides features like voice recording and text-to-speech capabilities.

MindZoom uses three techniques to enter directly into your Subconscious Mind:

  • Employing the Affirmation Delivering Engine: It sends thousands of positive commands at such a rapid pace that your psyche tends to overlook or ignore them. These messages are flashed rapidly on your screen at virtually undetectable speeds.
  • Using our Silent Subliminal Messaging System: Text affirmations are converted to speech and delivered through a Subliminal Frequency envelope, not heard consciously by the human ear but reaching the brain.
  • By implementing the Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer: A great feature where you can use text or audio affirmations and Mix them with your favorite music files, save and listen to them anywhere, on your iPod, home, or car stereo, you name it!

Mind Zoom proposes that you can connect with your thinking by utilizing subliminal messaging and positive affirmations. Accessing the root of your beliefs and habits can be achieved by your intellect, which is responsible for critical thinking and judgment.

By using affirmations and subliminal messaging, you can retrain your perception to adopt more uplifting and empowering beliefs and thought patterns. 

Further research is required because some studies’ findings are ambiguous and suggest that subliminal messages may only have a minor influence on behavior.

Although there are supporters and critics of Mind Zoom, it’s necessary to remember that there is limited scientific evidence to substantiate the value of affirmations and subliminal messaging.

The outcomes of experiments are inconclusive and suggest that subliminal messages might only have a minor impact on behavior. Therefore, further research is required.

BasisMind ZoomMind Movies
1. CreatorThe creator of Mind Zoom is Dino Ruales.The creator of Mind Movies is Natalie Ledwell.
2. PurposeMind Zoom  focuses on subliminal messagingMind Movies focuses on visualization and affirmations
3. Cost$79$97
4. CustomizationLimited level of customization.High level of customization.
5. Money Back Guarantee60-day money-back guarantee.60-day money-back guarantee.
6. Scientific Evidence There is currently no scientific evidence.There is currently no scientific evidence.
7. Techniques Mind Zoom uses subliminal messaging and positive affirmations.Mind Movies uses visualization and affirmations combined with music and image.
8. Where to buy?
Mind Movies vs Mind Zoom

What do Mind Movie Reviews say?

Mind Movies has received many positive reviews from users who have found success using this visualization tool. Users have reported feeling more motivated, focused, and confident after watching their Mind Movies regularly.

Many users have also reported achieving their goals, whether it was starting a business, losing weight, or finding love.

However, like with any tool, Mind Movies may not work for everyone. Some users have reported feeling like Mind Movies didn’t work for them or that they didn’t see any results. It’s important to remember that everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Final thoughts on Mind Movies 4.0

Overall, Mind Movies can be a powerful tool for anyone looking to achieve their goals and improve their mindset. By using this visualization tool regularly, you can program your subconscious mind to focus on your desired outcome and attract the things you want in life.

As it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain if successful. Try Mind Movies Today 100% Risk-Free

Mind Movies 4.0 Pack

Mind Movies 4.0

Order today at $97. Comes with 60 day money-back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Lifetime access

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