Numerologist Review 2021 Review 2021 – Is Numerologist A Scam? [The Truth Revealed!] Review in a Nutshell

Free Numerology Readings Review 2021 - Is Numerologist A Scam? [The Truth Revealed!] is a website that helps its user find what they are meant to do in life with just the use of their Birthdays.

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Looking for reviews? Is a SCAM? Does any accurate?

Don’t worry all these questions will be answered in this comprehensive Review.

But first let’s start with some context…

When has life ever been a smooth sail? Every time you begin to think you have a plan, life throws a curveball your way. Having sailed across these highs and lows, one thing we know for sure is that there’s no one single solution to all problems. You can’t possibly predict the different types of problems you may have to face. So the question then remains, what is the key? This is where comes in.

It is this volatility of life that leads us to believe that we have to find a way to be anchored unto ourselves, and this requires finding a balance and acceptance within and of ourselves. Here, on this path of personal development is where numerology comes in, as a guide, a compass to help us navigate ourselves.

Much like astrology, numerology, both as a science and in practice dates back to primitive times, and their validity and credibility are rooted in a number of texts around the world.

Beliefs in astrology consist of belief systems that are rooted in the knowledge that there lies a relationship between the astronomical phenomena and descriptions of personality in the human world. Numerology, on the other hand, studies the role of numbers in one’s life and the belief in the idea that there lies a correlation between numbers and life events, and this connection is termed as the “universal language of numbers”. 

The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras of Samos, the founder of Pythagoreanism, has been credited by numerologists for the Pythagorean theorem discovery. It states that the area of the square whose side is the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares on the other two sides.

Pythagoras and his acolytes believed in the mystical properties of numbers. As stated by the author of “Numerology: Or What Pythagoras Wrought“, Underwood Dudley, the Pythagoreans became interested in number mysticism after discovering a particularly fascinating fact about numbers.

This led the Pythagoreans to the conclusion that ‘all things are number’. There are no clear scientific explanations for this saying but left to imagination and interpretation, it is safe that all of the things around us can be represented by numbers and proportions. How about you, what could be the meaning of those words?

Q. What really is

In simple words, provides free-of-cost online numerology reports. This report involves what is known as accurate insights about one’s life including life path numbers, soul urge numbers among other accurate numbers pivotal and relevant to our being. In the words of developers at, their services help their users get “accurate numerological readings and life guidance.”

The question that might arise in your mind probably is, what is the secret behind this claim of accuracy and precision?

The answer is that brings together a team of numerologists, writers, tech developers, and educators who have a shared commitment towards creating a credible platform with accurate information and application of numerology.

This shared commitment aims to serve one purpose and one purpose only – to help YOU make the most out of situations in different facets of your life, ranging from your professional front, your personal life, relationships, life strengths and weaknesses, and actualizing your potential by tapping into talents and skills you may have erstwhile been completely unaware of. aims to provide in-depth and rigorous knowledge and insight about aspects pivotal to your life.

They collect all the necessary information that is required by experts to navigate along your life path and distinguish the good from the bad and use this information to your advantage.

What’s further interesting to note, is that is not limited to insights upon numerology, in their resolve to truly ensure the most out of the customer’s experience, the website has nine categories.

The website has the backing of professionals in the field, to enable the users to verify the site’s claims and provide maximum transparency.

The readings on, are not just accurate – they’re freakishly accurate. To verify this accuracy, to ensure that it wasn’t just a coincidence in my case, I referred the website to my friends and family. The term “unbelievably accurate” was tossed around quite a lot, making it clear that the accuracy is not a coincidence.

The 9 Categories that the website provides insights on are:

  1. Numerology : Using numeric alignments to provide insights into various aspects of your life.
  2. Predictions & Forecasts : Accuracy in predictions and forecasts about your life cycles
  3. Career & Wealth : Insights on how to attract prosperity, wealth and success in your life
  4. Love & Relationships : Learn how to flourish in your relationships with kith and kin
  5. Health & Wellbeing : Practices to ensure your well-being and good health 
  6. Personal Growth & Success : Tried and tested methods and secrets to the road to success 
  7. Astrology : Routine horoscopes, predictions, and accurate insights 
  8. Divination : Divination tools 
  9. Tarot : Free Tarot Readings and tips from leading tarot readers 

Q. How does work?

Once you go to the homepage of the site, you come across a video where you are required to fill in your name and birthdate, and this is all the information that is required to give you all necessary insights from both your past and present.

Some might actually call it borderline creepy, how with such basic information a site could provide the most accurate readings and break down all experiences, your strengths and weaknesses, and guide you on to your life path.

There are five basic elements that are pivotal to your life events as they form the core of your existence, hence have special significance in the reading of your life chart. 

  1. Life Path Number
  2. Birthday Number
  3. Soul Urge Number
  4. Expression Number
  5. Personality Number

But it is important to note that of these five core elements, there are only three that are absolutely essential and central:

  1. Life Path Number– like a compass, helps you navigate along the map of your life, informing you about the direction of your life and the route to reaching the purpose of your life.
  2. Expression Number– is reflective of every aspect of your personality; ranging from the unknown talents in your possession, what is required of you in order to be whole at the moment, and how to maximise your performance to its full potential in everything you do.
  3. The Soul Urge Number– this final core number is the key to your figuring out what it is you want from your life, in order to attain true happiness.It helps you maintain and sustain your connection with your inner desires and aspirations, the ones that fuel your fire.

It’s easy to assume or feel like the service and site are a scam. But the more you use it the more you will begin to believe and understand that it is quite the opposite. 

There’s no doubt that when it comes to numbers, there are innumerable solutions to the same problem. So is the case with life readings and numerology, there are thousands of ways to make accurate readings, but keeping in mind their users, experts at use two specific methods to make accurate readings and predictions. 


As mentioned before, all that is required of you is to enter your name and birthdate and from there your predictions will be calculated to give you accurate information about several parts of parts they would “calculate” it to give you summarized information about several parts of your existence. 

The other method may come off as being a little complicated to some but this method too requires you to input your basic information, along with this basic information you are required to have as a prerequisite, an expert with spiritual expertise. This second method, although seemingly slightly complicated, helps in finding complex answers and providing a true understanding and a real perspective on the problems in your lives.

Although with different means, both methods have the same end – the ‘master’ surmises important numbers from all the information that has been accumulated, and these numbers further form the foundation of your predictions and readings.

It is likely that all this seems a little unrealistic, and in all likeliness, you’re looking for the catch somewhere about now. So, this might just be the right time to talk about who created and why

Who created is the brainchild of Mike Manigan, a former mathematician, who has dedicated his time and committed himself to promoting and endorsing science, and specifically the art of numerology.

He has also authored a number of eBooks and is persistent in his endeavor of helping people in accurate numerology readings.

Mike, along with his team of developers at, have dedicated all their time and energy to helping people tap into deeper knowledge, understanding, and empowerment of self that they deserve.

What Makes Unique?

What sets apart from other numerology systems? I’ve listed some features that really stood out for me as a user:

  1. Updated blog:

Upon visiting the website, you will see a ‘blog’ menu, which is a list of reports or articles based on user experience that substantiate the credibility of the developers. They also have a repository of videos on Youtube to back these articles, along with a following of 40k!

  1. Price

The prices on vary depending on which services you would like to avail, and is largely feasible for gaining deep insights about specific aspects of your life and living.

  1. Free Numerology Report

The free numerology report with accurate insights and predictions, requiring only the most basic information, is most certainly one of the popular and attractive features offered by

Who is for?

The program is most certainly not for everyone. For instance, people who may have no faith in the sciences of numerology or astrology will probably not find the readings fruitful or helpful.

Hece, it is important to note that your perspective has a lot to do with the outcome of your readings. If you genuinely believe in the powers and relevance of the alignment of numbers in your life, then you will find accuracy, precision and satisfaction in your readings.

Some bits so far in the review may sound biased, so this section of the review is the one that is the most rational and to the point:


  • The first numerology report is absolutely free of cost.
  • 60 day money back guarantee, so you have ample time to try and test
  • Quality reports in just about no time, sent directly to your inbox
  • Precision, accuracy and insights in reports
  • Dependable predictions with proper explanations
  • Genuine learning process


  • This may not be for everyone
  • In-depth information that some may not have the time or understanding to make use of
  • Available exclusively in the form of eBooks, so there is no physical product

Objectively, if we were to depend on the pros and cons solely, the scales clearly tip in favour of the dependability and precision of the predictions provided by the

But because through this review, I aim to provide you with a comprehensive picture of using the, here is a subjective take on the, simply my two bits on the experience and effectiveness of the

Our verdict – Is a Scam?

Honestly, the is far from a scam. I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll mention it again, the articles and reports that encompass firsthand experiences of fellow users, are a testament to the credibility of the, so it works. That’s for sure. 

But one absolutely necessary prerequisite (in my opinion) is your perspective and the extent to which you vest your faith in the science of numerology. How much and how strongly do you believe that the universe has a language, and a charted course for you, and that a certain alignment of numbers has a lot to do with that language and that course.

If you are here, reading this review, you most certainly must have referred to a variety of other reviews on, and I think it’s safe to say that the goodness of the largely trumps the slight flaws here and there, which only make it more realistic.

So all you really need now is to take a leap of faith, and take your first free numerology reading with!

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User Friendliness


Ease of use


Quality Of Report


Helpfulness in Your Goals


How Helpful It Was For Our Team?



  • The first numerology report is absolutely free of cost.
  • Quality reports in just about no time
  • Precision, accuracy and insights in reports
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Dependable predictions with proper explanations


  • This may not be for everyone
  • In-depth information that some may not have the time or understanding to make use of
  • Available exclusively in the form of eBooks, so there is no physical product

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